The Loxo Chrome extension is available on LinkedIn, Indeed, AngeList, and Github. You only have to install it once! Click here to go to the Chrome Web Store to install. Follow the steps below to use the Chrome Extension.

To use the Chrome Extension:
 1. When you are on a person's profile that you want to add to Loxo, simply click on the owl icon in your chrome browser. 

 2. The Loxo side bar will pop up and say it's parsing the resume. Note: If you already have this person in your database, an alert will pop up asking if you want to Merge or Create New Record.

3. If the person is not a duplicate, you will get the following screen showing their profile. It automatically create the record in your Loxo account, so any changes you make in the extension will be made on the person's profile. 

4. You can update a person's Global Status.

5. You can send the person an email directly from the extension.

6. You can send an SMS directly from the extension.

7. You can add the person to a job.

8. You can add the person to a Campaign.

9. You can add the person to a Deal.

10. You can update a person's Name, Title, Location, and Company.

11. You can add emails and phone numbers. Note: You'll need to hit enter after typing in the email/phone number for it to update. The text should turn blue.

12. You can add tags.

13. You can change the Person Type.

Why should you use the Loxo web extension?

  • Source candidates directly into your Loxo People Grid and Jobs folders. 

  • Tag your candidates with keywords while you are thinking about them.

  • Take notes on a candidate directly from their online profiles.

  • Update an outdated person record to get their latest and most recently updated information. 

  • Let Loxo identify people already in your database so that you can merge a record instead of duplicating it.

  • Build talent pipelines faster and more efficiently.

Please note, if you experience occasional issues with the Loxo extension in may be in relation to the site you are on.  LinkedIn, Indeed, AngelList, and GitHub improve their technology frequently which can sometimes cause issues with all technologies that have an extension. We appreciate your collaboration to troubleshoot if this does occur. 

Check out the quick video overview of the Loxo Chrome Extension here.

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