Client View Settings

Before inviting a client to view your job pipeline, make sure you are sharing only the information you want your clients to have access to. Under Settings > Customize you can choose the exact details you want to share with your clients.

  • White Labeled Account. Really personalize your client experience by showing your agency logo in the client view instead of Loxo's logo. If you need to update your logo, an admin can do so in settings (Gear Icon > Settings > Customize: Logo).

  • Reveal Bio Field. Need to give more details on the candidates without making the client open and read resumes? Show the Candidate Bio in the Client View so they can get a quick summary of the person.

  • Show Custom Card View. Take control of the exact details you want your clients to see by showing candidate cards. With this turned on, the client will be able to see the details in your Custom Job Cards such as title, company, and compensation.

  • As a new feature, the candidate cards can be clicked on which directly opens up the new Flyover for the client to look at. Here, clients have the ability to view Experience and Education in detail. Also, as an added bonus, clients can now perform Assessments and leave comments right here!

How to Invite Your Client

  1. From a current job, click on the share icon

2. Click into Visible Stages and use the checkboxes to select the stages you want your clients to see. Uncheck any stage that you do not want your client to see. For example, you might not want your client to see everyone who has been Sourced for a job or anyone who has already been Rejected.

3. Enter the Client's contact information (they do not have to be a contact within Loxo).

4. Send Invite by clicking the three dot icon > Send Invite Email.

5. The client will receive an email from inviting them to collaborate.

*If your client has an issue receiving this link, simply copy and paste their unique url from the Client View option and send the link via email:

6. The link will bring them to the Client View of your job page. They can see all of the candidates in the different job stages and have access to LinkedIn profiles and resumes. From here the client can add a note, remove them from the job or move them into the Rejected stage.

*The client cannot view contact information or previous communication with the candidate.

7. If your client makes any changes to a candidate record, i.e. notes or rejects the candidate, the job owner will be notified. 

8. The client will have access the job at any time through the original link provided. 

*To remove a client's access do so by selecting the three dot icon > Remove Access

As always, please reach out with any further questions!

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