1. Open up the People tab in Loxo. Select "Import CSV" under the gear icon.

2. Select the CSV file from your computer. 

3. Select the rows of data you want to import. You can select one or more than one or all. To choose the rows to select, click the check boxes of each row. These rows coordinate to the columns on your CSV sheet.
4. Choose the destination the rows will map to. The destination column is located on the right hand side. Choose a destination for each row you are importing. You can only have one destination per row and you cannot use the same destination twice. For example, map "Name" to "Name", "Title" to "Title."

5. Once you've mapped each row (the columns on the CSV) to a destination, click "Submit"

6. Depending on the size of the CSV, it may take a few minutes to fully import. Once you've reached the below screen press "Got it." You'll be emailed a notification once the CSV has successfully been imported. 

When importing a CSV, these are our general guidelines for a successful import:

  1. Keep the file at ~500 entries for best user experience

  2. No pictures/logos

  3. Row 1 (across the top) should be headers only

  4. Every row/column needs to have some data, no fully empty rows/columns

  5. CSV file with one tab only

  6. Make sure it is a .csv file, not anything else!

    Note: The recommended limit is 500 people/companies in a CSV at one time. More than 500 and you might experience slow downs in import time. 

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