The first step to integrate your Loxo job listings with Broadbean is to get an API key from Broadbean. When you have the API key, log in to Loxo and click the Gear icon at the upper right and choose Settings. On the Settings page, click Integrations on the left and enter your Username and API key into the fields to the right of the Broadbean logo and click Save.

To post a job to Broadbean:

1. Create a Job in Loxo. Be sure to check the Publish box to post your job posting to other leading job boards and then click Save. 

2. Once the job is saved in Loxo, open the job, and click the More button at the upper right and choose "Post to Broadbean" (Note: the integration will only be functional after the job has been created and saved in Loxo)

3. At Broadbean, select your desired job boards

4. Add any additional details. Note: the integration will push over the information entered on the job posting in Loxo

5. Preview and click Send Advert

6. Once you click Send Advert you will be taken back to the job posting in Loxo

7. If you need to remove a job from Broadbean, go back into the job within Loxo, click Edit and then select the green Broadbean Integration button. From there you can edit or delete the posting.

Here's a quick training video about the integration.

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