1. Search "Loxo Mobile" and download the app from iTunes. Once the app is downloaded, use your Loxo credentials to sign in

*If you sign in through your email provider, you must create a Loxo password to login. You should be able to request a new password / reset yours by selecting Forgot Your Password? link on the Login page: https://loxo.co/login

Note: Android users cannot download from the App Store. To get around this you can open the app by visiting loxo.co/mobile on your phone and saving it to your screen.

Android SetUp 

2. Once you are logged in, you should see Loxo People list (matching your People Grid in Loxo):

3. Click on any person record to reveal their phone numbers or email addresses. To make a call or send an email, simply select the contact information and you will be redirected.

4. If there is no contact information you will see the following 

5. To search for a person record, simply select the "Search" option at the top of the app; type in the person's name and hit enter

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