Maximize productivity by integrating MailChimp. After setting up the integration you can create lists in Loxo and export the contacts directly into MailChimp to build and send your campaign. Learn how to use the MailChimp integration here.  

To setup the integration, log into MailChimp and head to your initials or profile picture on the bottom, lefthand corner. From there, click Account to view Account options.

1. Select Extras --> API Keys

2. Select "Create A Key" then copy the API key 

3. Log into Loxo, go to the Settings page under the Loxo gear icon in the top right-hand corner
4. In the Settings page click on Integrations on the left-hand side. Then paste the API key into the Integration Key section for MailChimp and hit Save.

Now you are ready to create a campaign list in Loxo and export it to MailChimp, learn how here.

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