The first step is to setup the integration, visit the help article How do I integrate with MailChimp?, if you haven't already done so. After the MailChimp integration has been enabled in Loxo, you are ready to begin. Follow the steps below to learn how to use the MailChimp integration with Loxo. 

1. From the People grid in Loxo, select the contacts who you want to receive your marketing email

2. Once your contacts have been selected choose "MailChimp Export" under the three dots

3. The next step is to choose the priority of the email type that Loxo will export into MailChimp. Loxo will only import 1 email address per contact and will know which email to export based on your type preference.
For example, if your preference is to send emails to your contact's main email address, drag and drop "Main" to the top of the list, or if you do not want to send an email to your contact's work email then uncheck the box next to "Work" so work emails won't be exported into MailChimp. 

4. Enter a List Name and select Export

5. It may take a few minutes before your list populates in MailChimp. Once it does, your contacts will be available under Lists 

6. Now you can build your email campaign in MailChimp!

*Only emails sent to the contacts on lists you create in Loxo will sync under the contact record in Loxo. If you send a Loxo contact an email from MailChimp who was not attached to a exported Loxo list - the email won't sync. 

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