You made a placement, Congratulations! The next step is to fill out the placement card that will pop up once your candidate moves to the Hired stage of your pipeline. 

1. Fill out all of the billing information like salary, fee, bill rate, or pay rate. Depending on the Placement Type the fields for billing will change.

2. Add a Start Date and End Date (if applicable).
3. Add any job owner(s) with split percentages.

4. If you have any custom fields that your team requires make sure to complete all of those for your own accounting team.
5. Send a notification to your billing team
6. Save! 

If you get any errors, they will be listed at the bottom of the placement card. The error will tell you what is missing or needs to be adjusted. If you do not understand, send a screen shot of your entire placement + errors to

You can always review past placements or make edits to ones you have already submitted on your Contracts/Placements report under the Gear Icon.

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