November 2018

  • Bulk Duplicate Catcher: See all of your duplicates in one location. We now look for contacts that share the same name, title, company & location, rather than just an email address.  

  • Emails not logging: resolved. 

October 2018

  • Reporting: New reports available: Activities, Sources, Candidate Pipeline, Candidate Funnel
  • Compact View: view your event stream on the people page in a compact view
  • Site Speed: continued improvements
  • Document View: view full documents (PDF, Word) through the document tab
  • Email Automation:  triggers can be sent from a candidate owner rather than the job owner
  • Job Description Email Tag Added: email the full JD from within a job
  • Job Listing Page: filter by Published Date or Title
  • Adding people to a job: resolved. 
  • Duplicate Jobs on Jobs page: resolved.
  • Recent Activity Date Column: resolved.

September 2018

  • Universal + button: add a new person, company or job from any screen
  • Bulk add or Replace: ability to bulk add or replace tags 
  • Full Resume View: complete view of resume PDF within the profile
  • Site speed increases: Improved.

August 2018

  • Campaigns: Set up email drip campaigns to send to contacts or candidates in your database (premium feature only)
  • Country & Currency Default: availability to choose country and currency at account level
  • Color-coding on Job Categories: color code your job categories to have a visual representation of your job categories on the job page
  • Real Time Loxo Connect™: contact information (email and phone) returns in real time
  • Auto-Save on Loxo AI™ form
  • Error when email template tags are not filled: an error will be sent when an email template tag is being used incorrectly / would show up blank
  • Ability to Resend an email: from the emails page in Loxo, you can now resend a failed email by pressing on the yellow resend button
  • Enhanced confirmation modules: when you make a change, the confirmation module is enhanced
  • Job filtering: resolved.
  • Job category error when filtering: resolved.
  • Bulk Email addresses Loading / Template loading: resolved.
  • Click to call Dialer Pad not loading: resolved.
  • Bulk emails sending issues: resolved.
  • Floating Black text icons: resolved.

July 2018

  • Email Tracking: ability to track email opens, click rates, etc. 
  • Auto-Save: emails and notes are auto-saved when you exit page
  • Ability to tag jobs: use color-coding to tag jobs on the jobs page 
  • Chronologically sort tasks: ability to sort tasks on the Tasks tab chronologically 
  • Job Screen drag and drop: ability to drag a card over the full length of the screen
  • Drag & Drop: fixed.
  • Missing email signature: fixed. 
  • Defaulting to shared email address rather than user: fixed.
  • Email Automation delays: fixed.

June 2018

  • Print Job Form: ability to print a job form
  • Ability to share email address: toggle between multiple email addresses to sent out of
  • Discover.Org Integration: search candidates and companies in Loxo through
  • Auto-complete Company Address on Job Form: auto-fill a company address on the job form
  • People Type on Job Form: Indicate person type on job form 
  • Ability to create a list on company grid. Now create a list of company grid
  • Inline Editing on Grid: edit custom columns and filter all inline
  • Ability to move backwards in pipeline: resolved. 

May 2018

  • People Grid Redesign: improved scrolling functionality, color highlights 
  • People picture replacement: when a person profile does not have a picture, it is now replaced with a colored monogram block 
  • Custom Year Roll-ups: ability to create custom columns with year roll up type 
  • Ability to add a new or existing contact to a company: now able to create a person record from the company screen 
  • Multi-Filter on Job page: ability to filter by all filters on the job pages instead of only one 
  • Job Creation Page Redesign: new layout and format 
  • Ability to map custom columns when importing a CSV: ability to map custom created columns when importing a CSV 
  • Ability to map multiple email addresses and phone numbers when importing a CSV 
  • Mail Merge Fields available in Subject line: use mail merge fields in the subject line of bulk emails 
  • Error on Forms Page: resolved
  • Email Sync: resolved.
  • Scrolling inability on list: resolved 
  • Client Email Links: resolved 

April 2018

  • Talent Discovery: This feature will search outside of : for matching candidates, straight from the Jobs page. 
  • Ability to import CSV from jobs page: now able to upload a CSV directly into a job 
  • Multiple Job Owners: add more than one person to a job as the job owner 
  • Multiple Hiring Managers: add more than one person to a job as a hiring manager 
  • Improve Deal Scroll functionality:  ability to scroll indefinitely on Deals page  
  • Addition of "Contact" type for CSV upload: upload people as Contacts  
  • Mail Merge Fields available in Subject line: use mail merge fields in the subject line of bulk emails 
  • Placements Page communication error: resolved 
  • Incorrect start date when importing from LinkedIn: resolved. 
  • Additions to a list not saving: resolved 
  • Not receiving email notifications: resolved 

March 2018

  • MailChimp Integration: Integration your MailChimp account to create campaigns that log in Loxo. 
  • Bulk Delete: Loxo admins can now bulk delete data in company and people grids. 
  • Improve Grid Scroll functionality:  background scrolling no longer taking place.   
  • Merging Issues: resolved 
  • Incorrect position date when importing from LinkedIn: resolved 
  • Smart Categories unable to save: resolved 
  • Internal Email Sync: resolved 
  • Call queue not updating correct dates: resolved 
  • Resume Parse: resolved 
  • Report filters: resolved 

February 2018 

  • People Type Categories: Ability to have Loxo customize people types 
  • People Record Initials: Person initials block appears in the image box 
  • Mail Merge Fields: current candidate company and title now available 
  • Ability to delete Job: Delete Jobs 
  • Email Not Synced Notification: error message when logging in if not synced 
  • Years of Experience Column: sort by years of experience column 
  • CareerBuilder Integration: post jobs on CareerBuilder 
  • Tagging:  mentioning in a comment using "@" now available on the company page 
  • Bulk Email Send: dialog box when subject line is missing 
  • Drag and Drop: resolved 
  • Auto-Save: when clicking out of a module, information is auto-saved. 
  • Placement Fee Type Error: resolved 
  • Candidate Submission Screen Errors: resolved 

January 2018

  • Tagging: Tag internal users to mention them in a comment or note using "@".
  • Search: Improvements on search capabilities 
  • Category Title added to Event Stream: now can view at a glance the title 
  • CSV Import: complete redesign of CSV import feature  
  • Decrease time to export: Improvements on exporting in the system 
  • Power Calling Call Record: resolved. 
  • Merging: resolved. 
  • Duplication of events on Event Stream: resolved. 

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