December 2017

  • Drag and Drop: Drag and drop a PDF or resume directly into the People grid to parse over information and create a person record.  

  • Duplicate Merge: Improvements on duplication merges 

  • Email Sync:  Internal account users' emails to each other will no longer sync 

  • Sort Functionality: Not sorting, resolved. 

  • Full export of record: Missing records on report export, resolved. 

  • Duplication of events on Event Stream: resolved. 

November 2017

  • Deals:  Track and manage your client relationship and contracts with our new Deals feature. The Kahn Bahn approach allows you to create, build and interact with deals in multiple pipelines through multiple stages.   

  • Job workflow reports: Customize your Job workflow report, title and company record not coming over. 

  • Chrome Extension errors: Null errors, title and company record not coming over. 

October 2017

  • Placement Notifications:  Send an email notification to any team member in order to notify them of your recent placement from the placement page. 

  • Company List Export: Export a list of companies from company smart grid. This now mirrors the existing ability to export a list of people from the people page. 

  • Duplication Catcher: Duplication catcher within the People page and Company grid on Loxo will prompt a user of a potential duplicates based on email address.  

  • Geo-coding zip code enrichment: Real time data enrichment translating general geographical areas into specific zip codes on person profiles.   

  • ZipRecruiter Integration: Real time data enrichment translating general geographical areas into specific zip codes on person profiles.   

  • Chrome Extension on AngelList: Source directly from AngelList into Loxo by using the Add to Loxo Chrome Extension on AngelList. 

  • Inability to add a person to a Company record: Inexplicably, the ability to add a person onto a company record froze. Don't worry, it's fixed now.  

  • SMS updates sending to the incorrect user: Resolved. 

September 2017

  • Job Forms: Create standardized job forms from within a job to collect the same information for a new job across teams.  

  • Client Portal: Ability to invite an external client to view candidates in the pipeline of a specific job, take notes and reject candidates.  

  • Chrome Extension "Add to Loxo" Errors: Issues with the Chrome Extension involving jobs duplicating on side bar, inability to log in and other unexplainable error messages (some having to do with LinkedIn UI changes). 


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