Step 1: Send Data Export to Loxo 

  • Customer requests full data export from previous ATS/CRM (this can take multiple weeks, so the quicker the export is requested the quicker Loxo can get started!)

  • Send data or means to access data to Loxo, or your customer success manager

  • Schedule pre-mapping call; send your availability over the next couple days for a 30-minute pre-mapping call with Loxo’s data migration team

Step 2: Data Pre-mapping Call

  • The goal of this call is to lay the groundwork for a successful data migration 

  • This is an opportunity to walk through high-priority items, customizations or data outliers that need to be addressed with Loxo’s data migration team

  • Timeline and expectations will be set*

Step 3: Data Migration

  • Data will be migrated into Loxo to match customer’s desired outcome

Step 4: Data Customer Validation

  • Confirmation the data migration meets customer’s expectations

  • Customer should review the data in order to request any changes or updates. If any updates are requested please send your availability over the next couple days for a remapping call with your customer success manager

Step 5: Data Remapping (if necessary)

  • The goal of this call is to walk through what needs to be updated, relocated, added or deleted

  • Customer will need to be ready to screen share and provide specific examples for each remapping item ie. what is missing, what should be added and where it lives in previous ATS

Step 6: Data Signoff

  • Email confirmation that the data migration has met your expectations and there are no outstanding items to complete

*Timeline and expectations are subject to change depending on unforeseen projects  

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