Block a Client 

Go to the company record and hit the lock icon to block any contacts who work there from receiving marketing communications.

Only contacts (people records) that are marked as currently working at a company will be blocked when you block the company. You can mark a current employment by clicking on the line of experience and clicking here: 

When you send a bulk email, anyone who is blocked (currently works at the company AND is in a blocked company record) will not receive bulk emails, campaigns, or bulk texts! 

You can always unblock a user to send an email.

Block a Candidate 

Similarly you can also block an individual person from receiving messages. Simply hit the lock icon at the top of the person's profile to keep that person from receiving any:

  • Bulk Emails

  • Bulk Texts

  • Campaigns

  • Individual Emails

Just like when you block a company, once they have been blocked you will see the red lock icon show up anytime you try and email or bulk email this person. You can still send the email by click the red lock icon to unblock them. 

Note: Blocking a person will not prevent you from calling them or sending them an individual text.

Now anytime you have someone ask to be removed from your contact list, simply block the person! No data is removed or deleted, they are just blocked from any marketing emails until you decide to unblock them. 

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