Whether you're a new user to Loxo or you've been on the system for years, Loxo's live daily trainings are available to support you. We provide new user training and focused trainings to meet your individual needs. 

Loxo 101:

Register here morning session (everyday)

Register here afternoon session (everyday)
Learn basic account set up and best practices, Companies, Jobs, People, email functionality, and data search and filtering tips. Q+A following the content presentation.

Loxo 102:

Register here afternoon session (everyday)
Learn about Tasks,  Deals, Reporting, Campaigns, Email Automations, Power Calling, and Texting. Q+A following the content presentation.

Loxo Best Practices: Register here (Mondays)
Learn how to navigate a "day in the life" within Loxo. Learn system navigation and best practice workflows.

CRM/Deals: Register here (Tuesdays)
Learn how to best manage your business development, sales, account management activity and pipelines within Loxo.

Customizations: Register here (Wednesdays)
Learn all of the amazing ways you can customize Loxo to align with your company's business needs.

Reporting: Register here (Thursdays)
Learn the depths of all of our reporting and how to capture metrics that are most important for you and your client's needs.

Email Marketing: Register here (Fridays)
Learn best practices for bulk emailing, campaigns and email automation within Loxo.

Texting Best Practices: Register here (Fridays)
Learn how to leverage text messaging features in Loxo and the best practices for texting candidates.

What's New in Recruitment Automation?: Register here (Fridays)
Learn how other top firms and recruiting teams are leveraging different AI functionality to decrease operational costs and increase efficiency.

Loxo Source and AI:
Register here (Mondays)
Register here (Wednesdays)
Learn the basics of using the power of Loxo Source™, a global database of more than 510 million people across 12 million companies. We will also cover the basics of the Loxo AI™ automated sourcing assistant that will identify and rank the best possible candidates for your open role.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


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