What are Connect Credits? 

Loxo Connect™ is a Premium tool that finds direct personal and professional contact information for you so that you can stop hunting for emails and start connecting. 

The amount of Loxo Connect™ Credits you have remaining at the end of the month does not roll over into the next month. Instead, the amount of Loxo Connect™ Credits resets every month. Reach out to support if you want to know how many you have left.

How do I use a Connect Credit? 

  1. From the person flyover click on the magnifying glass icon. 

2. If we found contact information, you will get a success notification. 

3. The new phone and contact information will show automatically on the person's profile. 

Can I find Connect Credits in Bulk? 

You can also find contact information from the People Grid or from within the job by bulk using Loxo Connect Reveal Info drop-down. You will get an email with the search results. 

To bulk reveal contact info start by selecting the candidates > "..." > "Loxo Connect™ Reveal Info"

Bad Data? 

You can  report bad data anytime you request contact information using Loxo Connect Credits. From the People Grid, Person Flyover, or the new Job Card view, click on the flag icon next to the email or phone number that is incorrect. 

Note: The flag icon will only appear next to email or phone contact information that was sourced by Loxo Connect.

You will be asked to provide additional information about what was wrong with the data such as email bounced, outdated number, or invalid information. 

After you submit the bad data, that phone number or email will be deleted from the profile. If every phone number and email found by a Loxo Connect Credit has been reported as Bad Data for that candidate, we will refund that credit.

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