December 2019 

Edit Forms: You can now edit forms that can be attached to People, Company, & Job.

Greenhouse Integration: Integrate between the two platforms to keep analytics and reporting up to date and easy to access from anywhere.

DOMO Integration: use DOMO's Business Intelligence tool to build custom reporting and metrics with a state of the art BI platform.

Filter by subcategoies via Job Stage: You could always use the Job Stage column on the People page to filter by the main stages in your job pipeline. Now, you can filter by your pipeline substages and job statuses as well.
Gmail Sync: Strengthened the email sync for gmail users. Requires only one set up from a team admin then is set up for the whole team!
API Integration: Added new fields to API documentation so you can create custom fields and have potential candidates/clients fill out fields directly from your website and send that information directly to Loxo. 

November 2019 

Master Funnel: See candidates across ALL of your active jobs! You can now see all your candidates across all jobs instead of having to open up each job page individually. 

Website: Check it out:

AI Job Search Radius: Now you can create a location search radius on a new AI Job. 

October 2019 

Bulk SMS
Quickly bulk text people through the Bulk SMS feature. You no longer need to set up a campaign to send out a bulk text to candidates. 

Block a Contact
It was always possible to block company contacts from receiving marketing emails, but now you can block an individual candidate too! Hit the lock icon at the top of a person's profile to keep that person from receiving any bulk emails, bulk texts, campaigns, or emails. 

Customize Email Type
Under your Settings page you can now customize your email type

Customize Job Pipeline Cards:  Choose what quick statistics you want to see on each person! Add information like Owner, Location, Title, Company, or Tags! You can add up to five attributes to each card. Or you can remove  attributes to make your cards smaller. 

Bulk Actions in a job pipeline: Use the checkboxes on each record to perform bulk actions to multiple people at once. You can select names individually or select everyone in a pipeline column to email, add to your call queue, add to a campaign, export, export timesheets, or move through the pipeline!

Company Look up: Easily associate candidate's work experience with an existing company in your database without accidentally causing duplicates. 

LoxoAI Location Filters:  Enhanced location filter search allows you to search for candidates who are located in the same location as the job or within a certain zip code radius.

September 2019

Private Lists
You now have the option to make people lists private by checking the Private box. You can also go open lists that you already created and make them private by clicking on Edit List.

Export Placements Page
You now have the option to export the Placements page. Simply navigate to the Placements page under the gear icon, then select the 3 dots to export.

Report Bad Connect Data
Report bad data anytime you request contact information using   Connect Credits.
From the People Grid, Person Flyover, or the new Job Card view, click on the flag icon next to the email or phone number that is incorrect.

Job Card View
The new card view gives you increased visibility into your candidates and is even customizable! You can toggle between the normal pipeline view and the card view using the buttons at the top.

August 2019 

Last Contacted Date
You could always filter from Recent Activity Date in Loxo, but now you can also filter by Last Contacted as well! Whenever, you email, call, or text someone from Loxo it is tracked on the person's event stream, and now you can filter from the People Grid. This includes anytime an automated email or email/text campaign is sent.

Bulk Move
You can now bulk move your candidates from within a job. From the job page, select all of the people you want to move and then you can move everyone at once to a new stage within in that job. 

Loxo AI™
Loxo AI™ is an automated sourcing assistant that identifies and ranks the best possible candidates for your open role. Loxo AI™ works on each position by using either your own internal database or you can choose to use Loxo Source™ our brand new proprietary directory with nearly half-a-billion people, and 12 million companies across the globe.

Customize Phone Type
Under your Settings page you can now customize your phone type

Job Page
can now see the status of your jobs at a glance and filter by the job location. In addition to the new interface, use the Filter and Sort options to narrow down and re-order your job list.

July 2019

Loxo Source™ is the next generation of sourcing candidates and finding their contact information.  
Job Event Stream
You can read the full history of the job like you can on the person flyover. Also, tag team members when writing a note using @ on a job to inform them of any job updates. Simply click on the arrow to the right of the blue plus sign to open the job event stream.
Track Submit to Client emails
Now you can track the open, clicks, and downloads of emails sent using the "Submit to Client" button on the job page and person flyover. Simply navigate to the Email page under the gear icon to see all emails.

Campaigns on Flyover: Easily see which campaigns your contacts are in directly from the candidate flyover.

June 2019

Quickly add tags to a profile through your resume forwarding email
Add #tags into the subject line of your Loxo forwarding email when sending a resume to Loxo and those #tags will now appear as Tags on their profile. (You must include # with the tag)
Default Email selection
Drag and drop whichever email you want to be your default to the top of your Synced Email Accounts page
Increase the size of your People page
At the bottom of your People page you can select to view 25 or 50 people at a time
Customize Address Type
Under your Settings page you can now customize your address type
Drag and Drop Resumes into someone's flyover
Simply drag and drop a resume onto a person's flyover in order to attach the resume and update the profile
Submit a Candidate from their profile: Simply click on the 3 dots on the right-hand side to submit

Default Email Addresses: Drag and drop the email you want as your default to the top of the page.
Add #tags into the subject line:
of your Loxo forwarding email when sending a resume to Loxo and those #tags will now appear as Tags on their profile.
Company contact activity:
only contact activity will appear on the event stream

Improve Email Sync Speed

May 2019

Person Grid: Quickly segment companies to will help manage your workflow
AppCast Integration: Single users can now sign up for a free Loxo account
Merge Tags Added to SMS: First Name, Last Name, etc

Built in fields on the flyover: Owner, Source, Type, etc.
Person Grid Resizable
Resume Parsing Limits 

SMS going to the wrong user
Tagging links taking user to People page rather than the candidate's profile
Submitting an AI Job:
no longer receive an error

April 2019

Company Global Status: Quickly segment companies to will help manage your workflow
Freemium: Single users can now sign up for a free Loxo account
Company Flyover: New and improved user interface, layout and design
Permissions: only certain users can edit activity 

Job ID added to Job Order Report: Helps identify duplicate or similar jobs
Search Job Tags by AND:
Search for multiple tags with AND rather than OR
Loxo Social Extension: UI and UX improvements
Custom Reporting: Job Order Report

Updates to the new flyover: Tweaks, scrolling on long notes or emails, etc.
Campaigns sending from Loxo rather than user: Removed the "sent on behalf of"
Text Replies: replies were being sent to the wrong recipient
Custom Columns: now add more than one column at a time
Company Ownership: a company profile showed the wrong owner
Job Pages: slow & stalled loading of the job pages

March 2019

People Card View: Quickly get in-depth overview of your contacts with this new view
People Page Toggle: Choose between the grid and card view
Hubspot Integration: Send contacts to Hubspot to step up your Marketing efforts
Person Flyover: New and improved user interface, layout and design. 

Search Elasticity: Improve search results and speed
Search Job Tags by AND:
Search for multiple tags with AND rather than OR

People tab clears a search: Use the People tab to clear an existing search
Job Forms: Saved under the document icon under the Job Detail page
MailChimp Integration: Send lists to MailChimp
Scrolling in a Job: Scroll to the right to see all of the hiring pipeline 

February 2019

Campaign Duplicates: You can now clone an existing campaign
SMS Campaigns: Add a text message to your campaign drip

Navigation Redesign: We're redesigning Loxo from the ground up and you'll see Loxo getting even smarter and easier to use.
Email Merge Tags: In addition to all of the standard data you can now use custom columns as email merge tags
Reporting Grids:
Expand grid to make it easier to navigate.
Default Task Board: Choose which Task board you want to be your default

Currency: The currency chosen under setup will be reflected throughout the entire account.
Contact Type: When updating a contact type if someone didn't close the person_type dropdown before clicking save, it wouldn't save.
List selecting: When you remove people from a list it automatically selects other profiles in the list and you can not deselect them without refreshing the page.

January 2019

People Global Status: The header allows you to quickly segment people and will help manage your workflow.
Company Flyover Counts: Quickly identify the jobs company contacts are associated to.

Tasks: List & Calendar views were added to help keep your day organized. 

Delete Job Categories: Unable to delete job categories from the Setup page. 

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