Set task reminders to help schedule and keep your day organized. You can create a task from someone's profile or from your Tasks tab. 

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Create a Task Board

Whether you create a task from a board or from a person's profile, all your tasks will live on a Task Board. You have a default task board already set in Loxo. You can add as many boards with as many columns as you would like. 

To create a task board click on the Tasks menu option on the top of the screen. You can build however many columns ands tasks as you would like. Click on each task card to drag and drop it to the next column.

To edit an existing task board click on the gear icon to add new stages, add team members, or mark it as your default task board.

Create a Task

You have three views of your tasks: List, Calendar, and Kanban. You can create a new task on any view using the blue plus icon in the right hand corner.

You can also create a task straight from a person's profile. Select + Task to build a new task. If your calendar is synced within Loxo, the tasks will appear on your calendar. Here is how to sync your calendar. 

Once you've scheduled your tasks, your task will also show up on the Task Board and on the contact's profile.

Once the Task is marked as Done/Archived, the task will appear in the event stream as a completed activity. If you delete the task it won't appear on the event stream.

Task List View

Your List View of your tasks is powerful because you can quickly filter your tasks by contacts, jobs, companies, dates, type, or stages. Apply more than one filter to really narrow down your to do items.

Call or email a contact on the task directly from the list view and check off the task when done! Or leave a note about your next to do item.

What do the colors mean?

• Green: Not due/No warning: - the task due date is greater than three days ahead of the current day.

• Orange: Almost due warning - the task will be due in less than three days.

• Red: Overdue - the task due date is in the past.

Create custom fields on your list view by clicking on the gear icon to add more details to help you narrow down and track your tasks based on the details that matter the most to you.

Click on the blue plus button next to a task name to duplicate all the task details so you don't have to start from scratch.

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