Integrating with Hubspot can be a powerful addition for your marketing efforts. The best part, the integration is simple to setup!

  1. Go to your Settings under the gear icon in Loxo

  2. Click on Integrations on the left-hand side

  3. Select "Enable" under Hubspot Contact Sync

  4. From here you will need to log into Hubspot and "Grant Access"

  5. You will be re-directed to Loxo 

Once the integration is complete. Every new contact created will be also added to your Hubspot database. 

What data will sync?

We will sync location data (address, city, state, zip, and country), name, current job title and company, and phone and email information from Loxo to Hubspot.

That's it! Watch the video below to watch how to integrate.


  1. Is the Hubspot integration two way? Meaning will new data that I added to Hubspot also show up in Loxo?
    The integration listed above is only one way and you can set it up yourself. However, if you are looking to have a two way hubspot sync reach out to support and we can help that get set up for you!

  2. What happens if I have an invalid email address?
    If an email address is incomplete or invalid, the contact will not be pushed into Hubspot. ie jon@gmail or

  3. Will my contact sync be immediate?
    The integration will constantly be pushing people to Hubspot so it will be a very quick sync. However, it you are uploading 1000s of people at a time there can be a delay.

  4. If have people in my database before I sync, will those people be pushed into Hubspot?
    No, only new people once the sync is enabled will be sent to Hubspot. If you want all of your existing people to be synced reach out to support and we can bulk send existing records into Hubspot. 

  5. If I update a record's contact information will their Hubspot record update?
    Yes! Any changes made in Loxo will be reflected in Hubspot. As a reminder, if you update an email address in Hubspot the modifications will not appear in Loxo. 

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