The Contracts/Placements is a way to view all of your placement details in one spot. This report view is an aggregate the data entered into the placement card that's created by placing a candidate into a Hired/Placed stage within a job.

In order to see job details on this report, a placement card must be created and filled out. Once the card is saved, all of the data will be accessible to the Contract/Placement report. Access this report by clicking your initials at the bottom left corner of Loxo.

Depending on your account set up, this report includes Salary Revenue and Pay Margin.


Similar to the People and Company pages, you can create custom fields for this report that are unique to your agency. This is important if you accounting/finance team has specific information they want to collect on all placed candidates.

Any custom fields you add to the Contract/Placement report will also show up when you fill out the placement card for the hired person. Custom fields can be text, number, hierarchy, date, or year rollup.


Finally, you have the option to export the Placements page. Simply navigate to the Placements page under the gear icon, then select the 3 dots to export.

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