The new People Flyover Page makes accessing and editing information on the person's profile page quicker and easier. The old flyover page will not be around forever, so make sure that you know everything that you can do from this page!

Background Information  

In the left-hand column of the People Flyover Page you will see basic information about the person such as their bio, experience, education, and resume. 

  • Use the Magnifying Glass icon to use one of your Loxo Connect Credits to search for a person's contact information. 
  • Use any of the gray Link icons to directly link to a person's information such as their resume, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or company website.  
  • Use the ADD buttons to quickly add someone's Experience, Education, or Resume.
  • View Resumes by clicking on the file's name.

Event Stream 

The middle column on the flyover page is the Event Stream. This column shows you a chronological record of all activity related to the person.

  • Manually add an update for a person by typing in the status bar. From here you can tag a person on your team, add a pipeline status, or a current job. 
  • Search for past events by typing in the search field, selecting a date range, or applying filters. 
  • Use the Pin icon to pin events to the top of the event stream for easy access. 
  • Scroll through the person's event stream to get a comprehensive picture of all contact with this person including phone calls, texts, emails, and team notes. 

Contact and Custom Information 

The final column on the flyover page allows you to review and edit a person's information directly from the page. The fields in the middle of the column are brought over from your People Grid so make sure to customize your People Grid with the information that you want to see! 

  • Update a person's Global Status from the orange drop-down. 
  • Text, call, or email a person directly from the flyover page using the the SMS, Call, and Email buttons. 
  • Add a candidate to one or multiple jobs at once. 
  • Immediately add someone to a Task or Campaign using the + buttons. 
  • Use the More ( ... ) button to quickly add someone to an Attachment, Deal, or Form
  • You can also send the candidate's profile to a client from the flyover or Schedule an Event with this person. 
  • Review and edit any of the fields (including custom fields and tags) from your People Grid columns. 

Note: You can edit any of the fields or tags from the People Flyover by rolling your mouse over the field, and selecting the Pencil icon. Any changes you save here will be updated immediately on your People Grid. 

  • Find Jobs the candidate is currently in pipeline for. 
  • Add or delete Attachments for the person. 
  • Add or delete Forms for that person. 

Resize the flyover 

Finally, adjust the size of the flyover is resizable depending on how much of the people grid you need to see. Use this functionality to quickly navigate through lists of people. 

The new flyover does requires some getting used to. However, the functionality allows you to have more power when updating custom fields, adding information, and contacting candidates! 

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