When copying and pasting information from one platform to another formatting can be carried over and cause odd spacing, font or other font-related changes. 

To avoid running into strange formatting structure, below are a couple universal tips. 

Bring over the text without any formatting
Copying and pasting text from one application to another can often carry formatting. The most efficient way to ensure formatting in consistent is to clear all formatting when bring text into Loxo. Google Chrome now supports text stripping via Ctrl+Shift+V(Cmd+Shift+V on Mac), your pasted text is format-free.

1.Copy the text
2.Click into the field where you want to paste the text
3. Hit Ctrl+Shift+V(Cmd+Shift+V on Mac) This should strip any weird formatting that is being brought over.

*If there was text in the field before, you will want to ensure you clear any existing text/formatting by hitting the backspace a few times (even after it appears to be all cleared out) to make sure any format existed before pasting the text.

Remove extra spacing between lines
Press Control + Enter (Shift+Enter) to have the line fall right underneath the previous line. The Control/Shift-Enter combination is used as a way of saying "new line, not new paragraph.

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