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Learn how to best manage your business development, sales, account management activity and pipelines within Loxo.

The first step is to map out your organization's ideal process to determine which client activity and sales stages are relevant to your organization. If you don’t have a defined sales process, we recommend sitting down outlining what metrics and values you need to capture. To help your process, we've listed some generic customer examples below.

Capture all client/sales-related activity within Loxo by updating your event stream.

Here is an example:

Reach out to support to update your hiring pipeline, Let them know that you want to add some hidden fields to your pipeline so we know they will show up on your notes drop-down but not on your job pipeline.

Any notes or activities that you track from the drop down will show up in your Activities Report under the Reporting tab of Loxo.

*Be sure to check out our weekly reporting class or our reporting help article to learn more!

Business Development Tracking using Deals!

Check out this video on tracking Biz Dev in Deals:

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