Job statuses can be updated from your settings and are completely customizable to meet your company's needs. Personalizing your job statuses allows you to create valuable filters and reports to meet your company's needs.

Edit Your Job Statuses

  1. Select your initials in the bottom left-hand corner 

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Customize from the left-hand side 

  4. Scroll to the middle of the page to find Job Statuses 

  5. Use the blue plus icon to add new job statuses 

  6. Use the stacked lines icon to rearrange the order of the statuses  

  7. Use the Default checkbox to select which status you want to default to when creating a new job 

Common Job Status Categories 

  • Active 

  • On Hold 

  • Closed - Filled

  • Closed - Account Manager Decision

  • Closed - Canceled By Client

  • Closed - Lost to Competition or Client

  • Inactive 

Using Your Customized Job Statuses 

Once you have personalized your job statuses to match your company's needs, make sure to update the statuses of your new and existing jobs. 

When creating a new job or editing an existing job you can choose the status of the job. Any changes you made under the Customize page will show in the drop-down here. 

Note: If you do not edit the status, the job status will automatically choose the default status from the customize page. 

To learn more about how to create a job click here!

Filtering by Job Status

Once you have updated your job statuses you can easily filter from your Job tab to find the status of all your jobs. 

Reporting by Job Status 

One of the biggest benefits of customizing your job statuses is the increased reporting capabilities. 

  1. Click the Reporting tab

  2. Select Job Order from the reporting drop-down 

  3. Click the By Job button 

  4. Filter by the Job Statuses you want to see or Export a detailed report to see all the job details including status 

Now you can easily collect metrics on jobs that you have lost, put on hold, or filled! 

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