Loxo is excited to announce a new series of daily live trainings! You already took the Loxo 101 and Loxo 102 trainings, but now we have a new more specialized series of classes that are hosted every day of the week. These daily trainings help you learn more about the functionality within the system and become a true Loxo Pro! Our new course offerings include: 

  • CRM/Deals: Learn how to best manage your business development, sales, account management activity, and pipelines within Loxo. 

  • Customizations: Learn all of the amazing ways you can customize Loxo to align with your company's business needs. 

  • Reporting: Learn the depths of all of our reports and how to capture the metrics that are the most important for you and your clients.

  • Email Marketing: Learn best practices for bulk emailing, email and text campaigns, and email automations.

Whether you have never used these functionalities or just need a refresher, these classes will help you use Loxo for all it has to offer! 

Take it to the Nest Level

Did you know that you can customize your job statuses in Loxo? Job statuses can be updated from your settings and are completely customizable. Personalizing job statuses allows you to create valuable filters and meaningful reports to meet your company's needs. 

Reporting by Job Status 

One of the biggest benefits of customizing your job statuses is the increased reporting capabilities. Use the Job Order report to find details on your job statuses or export a detailed report to get a breakdown of all job details. 

Learn more about job statuses with our Loxo help article!

What a Hoot! 

Loxo CEO and Co-Founder, Matt Chambers sat down with Tim Sackett to talk about the future of recruiting and Applicant Tracking Systems. Check out the full interview here

Sneak Beak 

Loxo is launching a new webinar series to keep you informed on product releases, training updates, and Loxo news. Join our next webinar on July 10th at 3pm ET! 

During this webinar we are going to review key product releases and new features like the company global status, the enhanced people flyover, and the new Hubspot integration.

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