What a Hoot!

Loxo hosted our first Quarterly Product Release Webinar last week! Thank you to everyone who joined! During the call we highlighted the top releases from Q1 and Q2, demoed the new Loxo Chrome Extension, and reviewed the product roadmap for Q3. 

For those who were not able to attend you can find the full presentation here or you can watch the full webinar on our YouTube channel here

This was the first of many quarterly updates so be on the lookout for opportunities to join future webinars!

Sneak Beak 

We are truly excited to announce the launch of Loxo Source™ at the end of the month. Loxo Source™ is the next generation of finding and sourcing candidates. This program has been years in the making and is already being sold to new customers as they join our Loxo family. We truly believe that this program is the future of recruiting and will redefine the industry as a whole. 

How does it work? 

Loxo Source™ pulls from hundreds of millions of records to immediately find you the best people based on your search criteria. It works the same way as searching within your own People database does, but now you are pulling from hundreds of millions of records at once, instead of just your database.

Loxo Source™ goes live at the end of the month! Be on the lookout for more communications about Loxo Source™. 


Loxo has several powerful reporting tools to help you quickly find meaningful information and data on jobs, activities, candidates, and your pipeline!  

Most of your reports can be found in the Reporting tab, but did you also know there are several client reports you can access from the Jobs tab? 

From a job's pipeline you can create a customized report to send to your client. It creates a branded report, and you can opt in to include pictures, names, notes, etc. 

To learn more about the reporting functionality in Loxo check out our help article or register for our next weekly reporting class

Take it to the Nest Level

Do you use the 9 box grid talent assessment tool when matching candidates to the perfect job? The 9 box grid talent assessment is an individual assessment tool that gauges an employee’s talent level and potential for contributing to the organization.

A 3×3 box matrix is set up, with the vertical columns representing an employee’s growth potential and horizontal rows being an appraisal of their current performance. Depending on the square they end up in, the 9 box grid performance potential will help you to determine if an employee is ready to move up in the ranks or needs to undergo reassessment in their current position.

This graphic exercise of evaluation is an ideal starter for constructive dialogue and in turn, can help develop discussion and teamwork.

Check out the full 9 box article at loxo.co!

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