Learn how to properly submit a Loxo AI™ job. Remember, since Loxo returns the results immediately you need to submit the job correctly the first time, any details you add after the job is first created will not be used to return results.

  1. Click on Create a New Job from the blue plus button on the Jobs tab. 

2. Loxo will default to use Loxo AI™ so if you do not want to use Sourcing Automation then use the switch to turn it Off.

3. Enter the exact Title or title that is MOST SIMILAR to your open role.

  • Important Note: Project Name and Project ID number will auto-populate, so that you can easily find your job later, even if you have many jobs with the same Title.

4. If you want your search results LIMITED to the exact job title(s) then turn ON Exact Match. You can enter as many Additional title(s) as you want, but remember it will limit it to those exact title matches only.

5. You can also choose to exclude certain title(s), by toggling on the Exclude Titles and entering in any title(s) that you know will return candidates that are a bad fit to your role.

5. Fill in the Hiring Company with the name of the company that is hiring. Loxo AI™ results are the best mutual match for that exact hiring company and culture, so it is important to enter the ultimate hiring company even if you are an agency or using a third-party agency to create the job.

If you choose one from your database you will get an AI suggestion. We do this to improve our AI results in the people we return. By better understanding the hiring company the better we can narrow the results. The next time you choose the same company you will not get this AI suggestion pop-up.

6. Add in the job Location details or select Remote Allowed using the on/off switch. When using Zip Code, since it is a specific area we use a 25 mile radius filter of that area to bring in candidates. If you feel that is too far in range we recommend leaving out the Zip Code in the creation of the job!

7. Select the Experience level for the job. You can select multiple because often times you might to find candidates who are eager to move up to the next level in their career and not just candidates who have already been doing that role for years. Note: Make sure your experience level is not more than 2 levels away from the job title and experience range you need. For example, do not select Entry if you are hiring for a CFO.

8. Enter in any Skill Keywords that will help AI matching find much more relevant candidates for the job (select "enter" each time you want to add a keyword). The more skills and keywords you enter and the more Loxo AI™ jobs you create, the faster your Loxo AI™ will learn and improve as you help teach and train it on what is most important to your exact roles.

9. If you know someone who would be your ideal perfect hire for this exact position, add them under Ideal Candidates.

  • Note: This could be a previous employee who left that you wish you could replace for this role, it could be candidates that you made offers to but they rejected the offer, it can be top performers in this role in the hiring company, or it can even be the very best candidates that you have manually sourced but you just want to find more candidates most similar to them.

10. Add the job Commitment type.

  • Note: These options are chosen from your Job Types which you can customize under Settings > Customize.

11. Fill in any Salary, Bonus, and Equity information using the sliders or click on Show Exact Value to type in the information.

12. Fill out the Job Description box. Loxo AI needs a minimum of 250 words to create the job. This is one of the most important fields when it comes to your Loxo AI™ so make sure to add all details such as required experience, necessary skills, and any other attributes required for the position.

13. Anything you don't want saved in the job description or that isn't relevant to the AI sourcing of the job, be sure to add to Internal Notes. What is added here will not affect your Loxo AI™ results.

14. The Advanced dropdown has more optional fields such as Job Tags, Job Status, Open and Filled Date, Job Owners, Contacts, and Email Automation. None of these fields affect your Loxo AI™ results so you can always come back and fill these out later.

12. Select Create!

After you create the job, Loxo AI™ automatically sources, matches and ranks a shortlist from a talent pool of 600 million people and delivers them into your job in less than 30 seconds.

To view your candidate inbox from AI, click the blue plus sign > Add candidates

Please review this article on how to navigate the add candidates feature and add those great fit candidates into the job or reject them all together!

Be sure to check out our Help Video on this as well!

For any further questions or feedback, please reach out to support@loxo.co

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