On a job's page you have two views: Pipeline and Card. You can toggle between the two by clicking on the view icons in the top left corner. 

The Pipeline view gives you a quick overview of all the people in the job and where they currently sit within the pipeline. You can move candidates from one column to the next by dragging and dropping. You can also make updates to a person by click on the 3 dots button next to their name. 

The Card view provides a summary of each candidate in the job. Use the tabs along the top to filter candidates by job stage. You can see everyone in the job under Total, or click on an individual job stage like Sourced to only see candidates in that stage. 

Use the Checkboxes or the Select All button to make updates to multiple candidates at once such as moving them to a different stage or adding them to a campaign. 

You can even customize what information shows up on the card view by clicking on the gear icon and Customize Cards.

Use the blue plus icons to add attributes or the red minus icons to remove attributes  from the candidate cards.  Keep in mind that when you make changes to your card view it applies to all users in your agency and is applied to all jobs. 

Note: You can only have 5 attributes at a time on a candidate's card, so make sure to pick the attributes you want to see the most. 

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