Resume forwarding email address 

If you have a candidate's resume in your email inbox, adding that person to Loxo is easy! Simply forward the resume attachment to your unique agency email address to add them to your database and parse their data into your People Grid. 

Add #tags in the subject line to automatically create the tags on the person record. You must include # in the subject line next to the tag name, for example #marketing #sales #recruitment.

You can also add a candidate directly to a job pipeline through the subject line. Simply add the job ID (found in the job's URL) to the email's subject line and the candidate will be added to the job.

Pro Tip: If you have an account with a job board and are set to receive notifications when candidates apply, set your Loxo resume forwarding email address to be the recipient of those notifications. That way when a candidate applies via the job board, they will also be immediately created in Loxo!

Read our Help Article to learn more about resume forwarding! 

For more questions or to find out what your resume forwarding address is, reach out to Support! 

What a Hoot!

Loxo Source™ in the news 

Last month we made the news for the release of Loxo Source™! With the new program, Loxo customers have access to 510 million prospects across 12 million companies. 

We spent the last six years and invested millions to purchase and structure over 95 unstructured data sources. We've built the infrastructure, negotiated commercial partnerships, and engineered data pipelines to create Loxo Source™. We are thrilled to see some of the feedback come in as we continue to look for ways to improve Loxo Source™ for our customers! 

See the full article here! 

Take it to the Nest Level 

Implement a proactive hiring plan

Proactive hiring is all about having foresight and anticipation. Proactive hiring is, in short, having a steady pipeline of candidates ready for job openings before those job openings present themselves. Proactive recruitment will provide your recruiting firm with the flexibility to take on shortages in staffing or an increase in client demand with less hassle and more confidence.

Proactive hiring requires: 

  1. Creating a proactive recruitment plan. You need a plan that makes monthly, seasonal, and yearly projections for when hiring is busies. Keep in mind that proactive recruitment is about building relationships and networking just as much as it’s about have a ready pool of candidates. 

  2. Utilizing AI and sourcing technology. You have too much on your plate to spend all day sourcing candidates and clients. Let Loxo's sourcing and AI technology help. Continuously sourcing potential hires and resumes into an active and comprehensive talent pool will give you the ability to make strategic decisions as opposed to reactive ones. 

  3. Nurturing relationships. Once you’ve made your connections and reached out to a substantial amount of potential hires and talent, you need to develop and nurture those relationships. Whether you create a talent pool, social media brand, or monthly newsletter, keeping in contact with your current candidates and clients requires attention. Simplify the process through automated communications, scheduled tasks, and searches based on last contact date. 

There are several proactive recruitment strategies that all firms should be considering in their long-term plan. What they all have in common is they 1) further to enrich and deepen your recruiting firm’s stance within the hiring community and 2) engage clients and candidates directly. 

Here are some ways recruiting firms can diversify their proactive sourcing strategies. 

  • Social Media/Online Presence: It’s essential that any and all recruiting firms in the 21st century have some kind of online and social media presence. One of the largest sources for new candidates are recent college graduates, and most recent college grads can be found perusing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Having a presence on these platforms will give recruiters direct access to build their brand, make contact with candidates, and get ahead of the competition.

  • Recruiting Events: By hosting a recruiting event, you can interact and network with clients, candidates, and important members of your industry. Recruiting events also provide for a bit of flexibility and creativity when it comes to what kind of event you’re hosting. Hackathons, keynote speeches, technology forums, and debates are all excellent ways to engage the community in a fun and exciting way. 

For more on proactive recruiting strategies be sure to check out Loxo's blog post here

Sneak Beak 

Loxo AI 2.0 is coming!

Last month we announced the release of Loxo Source™ and now we are even more thrilled to announce the next part of our strategic recruitment vision... Loxo AI 2.0! 

What is Loxo AI 2.0? 

Similar to the original Loxo AI job, where we do the work for you, but now we are doing the work immediately and with your own candidates.  

Loxo AI 2.0 searches within your People database to find the right candidates for your jobs. You worked hard to add strong candidates to your database and even harder to maintain those relationships. Whether you sourced someone from LinkedIn, through your own relationships, or through Loxo Source™, you can use AI 2.0 to quickly place those people in the right jobs. Forever gone are the days of endless Boolean search strings or applying countless filters. Simply create a job like you would today and let us do the work for you! 

We are releasing AI 2.0 very soon so be sure to look for communications on the new tool and how to add it to your account! 


That's owl for now! In the meantime you can always reach Loxo whenever you need us!

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