What a Hoot!

Loxo Source™ has a free version! 

Wanted to take some time to check out Loxo Source™ before buying it? Not a problem! Loxo Source™ now has a free version! The new free version is limited, but allows you to try the tool while giving you access to Loxo's proprietary directory of over 500 million people and 12 million companies. 

The new free version includes:

  1. 5 sessions of Loxo Source™ a month. 

  2. Unlimited searches during a session of Loxo Source™. 

  3. 5 people adds a month to your database. 

Upgrade to the paid version and gain access to: 

  1. Unlimited sessions. 

  2. Unlimited searches. 

  3. Unlimited people adds to your database.

  4. Access to Connect™ Credits directly within Loxo Source™.   

To enable Loxo Source™ on your account please fill out this form and someone from our sales team will reach out to you! 

Sneak Beak 

Q3 Webinar

The next quarterly webinar is here! Join us on September 25th to learn all about Loxo's releases from the past 3 months, see product demos, and hear about upcoming changes in our product roadmap!

Make sure to register for the webinar and add it to your calendar using the link below! 

Take it to the Nest Level 

The Next Phase of Loxo AI™ is here! 

Loxo AI 2.0 searches within your People database to find the right candidates for your jobs. Whether you sourced someone from LinkedIn, through your own relationships, or through Loxo Source™, you can use Loxo AI™ to quickly place those people in the right jobs. Forever gone are the days of endless Boolean search strings or applying countless filters. Simply create a job like you would today and let us do the work for you! 

If you already have Loxo AI™ enabled on your account make sure to keep these best practices in mind when using the new tool! 

Best Practices when using Loxo AI™ 

  • Use a simple job title (avoid the location or misleading terminology). The more industry focused terminology in the job title the better!

  • In the job title include seniority terminology, like, Senior, Junior, Executive, Director, Manager, etc.

  • The more detailed the job description the better. Try to use use industry terminology when applicable.

  • Include required years of experience in job description.

Learn more about the new Loxo AI™ here


Job Event Stream  

Similar to the Person Event Stream, the Job Event Stream allows you to tag and notify team members, review a job's complete history, or even leave your own notes! 

The Job Event Stream is easy to use and a great resource, so make sure you know where to find it! 


That's owl for now! In the meantime you can always reach Loxo whenever you need us!

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