Whether you're using a physical phone or soft phone you can register your number into Loxo's in-app click-to-dial and SMS system. The two major benefits are all calls will be logged in Loxo regardless if they're made in-app or from your phone and you'll have one phone number for both inbound and outbound communication.

1) Phone Number: Determine which phone numbers you want tied to your account.

  • If you want to use your existing phone number from another provider the first step would be to port your number into Loxo. Learn how to port your number here.

  • If you choose to use a Loxo number there's no action required. 

2) Phone Software: You will need to have a phone system with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) which enables phones to make and receive calls over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). 

  • The SIP-enabled device can either be a soft phone or a hard phone

**Recommended by Loxo: Polycom SoundPoint IP 335. Find it here on Amazon!

  • Even if you have hard phones at your desk, it is possible you do not actually own these hard phones or are unable to register our own SIP credentials to them. It's always best to check with your current phone system provider before proceeding with Loxo.

3) Set up: Register phone numbers to the SIP phone software. This can be completed by your software provider. Loxo must enable SIP on your account and provide the following information to set up your new calling system:

  • SIP User ID 

  • Domain

  • Password

4) Enable SIP for each user: Once registered and “Use SIP?” is set to ON, you are officially using the “SIP” Loxo Phone System! 

How Loxo's calling system works:

  • When you call out from Loxo, it rings your own phone (SIP client). It does not call from Loxo itself. 

  • Incoming calls come directly to the phone (SIP client)

  • Outgoing calls from the phone (SIP client) itself require a 9 to dial out and will be recorded in Loxo as a Person Event.

  • Calls can be made to other users in your agency by dialing their extension directly 

  • Call forwarding: You can switch between your SIP client phone and any other phone by using the “Use SIP?” switch. As long as their cell phone is listed under the user’s phone (Settings> Users), they can at any point uncheck this setting and calls will then be routed to their cell phone.

  • Loxo “auto-attendant / dial-by-name” functionality: If an agency wants to have their agency’s main and most public number interact with callers automatically and allow for a caller to dial a person by name, we can turn this on for you. We can customize the auto-attendant message.

  • Voicemails: Voicemail Notifications will be sent to you via email. To check voicemail, you just need to just call “1” from your phone. It will walk them through a somewhat standard voicemail flow - “You have X new messages. First message: … To delete this message, press 7. To save it for later press "9.” There isn't a way to forward messages at this time.


  • Can I use RingCentral and have it integrate with Loxo, without having to port my number to Loxo?
    Loxo and RingCentral are two separate calling systems and we don't have a direct integration with RingCentral. To use the same phone number for everything you would have to port over your phone number into Loxo. 

  • Can I customize my voicemail greeting?
    Yes! Simply navigate to the gear icon > Settings > Phones to set up your own custom voicemail. You can also check out this help article to learn more about voicemails in Loxo.

  • What features aren't included in Loxo's phone system?
    Hunt groups, voicemail transcripts, advance call forwarding other than 1 number, and conference calling are examples of features not included in our phone system. However, if there's a feature you're looking for that's not currently offered please reach out to support!

Additional questions or requests? Reach out to support! 

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