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Customize, customize, customize ... 

You already knew you could create lists, add new columns, and create or edit job statuses, but did you know you can customize contact information types? 

In settings, account admins can add new Address, Email, and Phone Types! Navigate to the Gear Icon > Settings > Customize. 

Simply hit the blue plus button to add a new type! You can also remove unused types or edit their names to match your terminology. Any edits you make will appear on the person flyover when you add new information! 

Want to learn more about the hundred and one other ways you can customize Loxo? Make sure to register for the weekly Customizations class! 

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Product Roadmap 

During our Q3 webinar at the end of September we reviewed some of the big changes to Loxo over the last few months. We also previewed the Product Roadmap for Q4! Since the webinar several of these changes have already been put in place, but there are still several more to come! 


Block Candidates from Marketing Emails   

Avoid fOWL play by blocking people who have asked not to be contacted. It was always possible to block company contacts from receiving marketing emails, but now you can block an individual candidate too!

Simply hit the lock icon at the top of a person's profile to keep that person from receiving any:

  • Bulk Emails 

  • Bulk Texts 

  • Campaigns 

  • Individual Emails

You can always unblock a user to send an email or bulk email by clicking on the unlock icon next to the blocked person's name. 

Note: Blocking a person will not prevent you from calling them or sending them an individual text.

Now anytime someone asks to be removed from your marketing list, simply block the person! No data is deleted, they are just blocked from any marketing emails or texts until you unblock them. 

To learn more about blocking companies or people be sure to check out our Help Article!

What a Hoot!

Loxo Source™ and Loxo AI™ Training 

The new Loxo Source™ and Loxo AI™ class teaches the basics of using the power of Loxo Source™, a global database of more than 520 million people, as well as the basics of the Loxo AI™, an automated sourcing assistant that will identify and rank the best possible candidates for your open role. 

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Whether you are interested in buying the new tools, already have them activated on your account, or you just want to learn best practices, the new training offerings covers it all!  The class is hosted every Monday and Wednesday or you can find a recording here


That's owl for now! In the meantime you can always reach Loxo whenever you need us!

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