Syncing your email is an easy process, and we will do most of it on the backend for you, but there are a few steps that agency admins will need to take:

  1. Go to

  2. Login if prompted.

  3. Once logged in, make sure the account you are signed in with (indicated by the avatar in the top right corner of the browser) is the one related to your work email address associated with your Loxo account (not your personal email). 

4. Click Select a project from the top navigation bar.

5. Click New Project in the top right corner of the pop-up.

6. Type your agency name (or something similar) into the Project Name field

NOTE: Ignore the Organization and Location field, you do NOT need to put anything there. Only assign it a project name!)

7. Click Create.

8. Wait for project creation to happen (should take a few seconds). 

9. Click the three lines icon in the top left corner. 

10. From the left side panel click IAM & admin > IAM.

11. Click the Add button at the top. 

12. In the New Principals text box enter "".

13. In the Select a role dropdown, select Currently Used > Owner

14. Click Save

Done! Now you will wait for an email from our team notifying you that we finished setting up your account. The email will have a link to resync your email account. Everyone in your agency will need to resync their emails using the link from the email, or by logging into Loxo. 

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