Loxo Source Tab. You may have already noticed you have a new tab at the top of Loxo. Now you can access Loxo Source anywhere within Loxo, no more having to navigate back to the people page to access Loxo Source.


Master Funnel Filters. Loxo's Master Funnel allows you to see candidates across all jobs at once. Previously the Master Funnel filters were limited to just your candidates and the team's candidates. Now you can sort candidates by the same filters as your job list view such as Status, Type, Tags, Job Location and Company.

AND/OR Custom Field Filters: You can now search by AND/OR in your custom columns. Update your columns to search by AND, OR, or AND/OR under the "..." > "Customize:"

Job Owner Filters on the Candidate Count Report: You can now filter and group jobs in the Candidate Count Report by the job owner to track individual performance details.



Loxo Profiles: The new Loxo Profile view in Loxo gives you a quick view on a candidate without having to open their full profile or open their LinkedIn URL. Get a quick summary of the person's work and education experience all at once!

Recruiter Performance Report: The report shows the number of candidates each recruiter has moved to the listed job stages during the selected period of time. It allows you to track the number of candidates moved to Sourced, Submitted, Interview, and Hired by each team member as well as the percentage conversion. It is tracked based on the team member who moved them.


Form Links in Email Templates: Add a sendable form link to an email template without having to copy and paste the form id. This update will help streamline your email template creation process!

Duplicate Templates. You can now duplicate your email and form templates in Loxo! You no longer need to recreate the wheel every time you want to start a new email or form template. Save a standard email or form template for the team and let them duplicate it to make their own custom templates.

Tasks Page. The Tasks grid got a facelift! The new page is easier to navigate and has several key improvements such as a new list view, additional filters, custom fields, duplicate tasks, call directly from the list view, and open from the person flyover.

Text Editor on the Company and Person flyover: the next text editor has been added to the profile flyover to make adding notes more user friendly.



Candidate Counts Report: The count for each job stage represents the number of people who had events under that stage during the given time period. The report counts the number of people who passed through that stage and can be filtered by Job Type, Tags, Status, Company, and Company Types.


GDPR: The Loxo GDPR tool allows you to collect consent, set retention periods, track data requests, and insert the consent link using your people merge tags. Reach out to support to enable this on your account.

Candidate Funnel Report: Use this report to see how many people make it to each stage from the previous or from the beginning all the way to Hired. On the left hand side check/uncheck the boxes to see your percentages change between stages.

Outreach Attachments: Now when you attach a document to an Outreach Campaign, it will show up as an email attachment rather than a link to download.

Edit Permissions: You can now enable permissions so only users can edit the events they create and not events that other team members create.



Deals Permissions: You can now give a Team of users access to view the Deals tab. Only users on this Team can access your business development details.

Loxo Chrome Extension: The Chrome extension will now turn blue when you're on a profile of a person that already exists on your People page.



A/B Testing: A/B testing is your chance to perfect your job or biz dev marketing over time to see which of your emails get the most attention. Set up a couple of A/B variants on your email stages in an outreach campaign to see where you get the highest return rate.

White-Labeled Account: Under Settings > Customize you can choose to show your agency's logo instead of the Loxo logo. This is especially useful if you are using the Client View to share your pipelines with clients.

Loxo Source Flyover View: You can now open a full candidate profile directly from Loxo Source. Simply click on the person's name to read their full profile! Take any action to add them directly to your database. Leave a note, change their global status, edit any of their information, or add them to job, task, or campaign and the person will immediately show up in your own database.


Bio Field in Client View: When you share a Client View link with a client you now have the option to share the candidate's bio field so your clients can see more information on your pipeline candidates.



Bulk Reveal Contact Info: Bulk reveal contact information from within a job by selecting the candidates > "..." > "Loxo Connect™ Reveal Info"

Auto-Tracking: Turn on Auto Tracking so that all emails will automatically track open, clicks, and downloads. Admins can turn this on under Settings > Customize.

Ownership change notification: Now you can receive an email notification if a person record you won changes ownership. Admins can turn this on under Settings > Customize.

Tasks on Event Stream Tasks are listed on the event stream under the new Planned section. To complete an open task, click the checkmark and the task will move under the Done section. To delete a task, select the trash icon and the task will be removed from the event stream and the task board.

Due Date for Tasks Removed: Tasks no longer require a Due Date. Now you can keep track of your to-do list without having to schedule an event on your calendar.

SMS Templates: Just like your Email Templates, you will create and save a SMS Template for quick and easy SMS messages in individual texts, bulk texts, or campaigns.

Task Types: Task Types allow you to segment your tasks by to-do items, email reminders, calendar events, or call reminders. The new task type will show on the person's profile or on the deal card that the task is tied to. The small icon next to the task owner will show what type of task it is.


Deals: The redesigned deals tab allows users to assign tasks to deals, add attachments, take meeting or call notes, and attach companies, people, and jobs. Move deals through your pipeline to track totals sales won and lost.

Job List View: See all of the people columns and fields you love directly from the job. This means you can sort and filter by any people field, including your own custom fields! Or select everyone in a job and perform an action like adding them to a campaign or exporting them to a CSV.

Share Certain Stages on Client View: Choose exactly which stages you want a client to see in the Client View. Use the checkboxes to select the stages you want your clients to see. Uncheck any stage that you do not want them to have access to.

Jobs on Company Flyover: See jobs tied to each company from both the grid view and the flyover view of a company.

Minute Delays for Outreach Stages: Set Outreach Campaign stage delays by the minute in addition to by the hour, day, or week.



Custom Resumes: Generate your own custom candidate resumes to share only the information you want with clients. Include your agency's logo and name to clearly stamp the resume.


Companies Tab View: With the new easier-to-read format and more distinction between lines you can easily see your company information and take actions like bulk emails or bulk changes.

Contract/Placement Report: Permanent placement details (Salary, Fee, Revenue) was added to this report. Gear Icone > Contracts/Placements.

Default Email Automations: The default automation setting that allows you to add all new jobs to an automation. On the Email Automation page under Settings, click on the blue plus button to Add Job Stage for Default Automaton. This will make your automation apply to all new jobs.



Auto Merge: If someone is added to Loxo with an identical email address of an existing person we will auto merge the records. This feature will significantly reduce the number of manual merges and help to maintain data integrity. Settings > Customize.

Receive calls In-app: Incoming calls will show up on your screen so you can take a call from Loxo, add notes, and record the call all in one place. You can turn this feature on under Settings > Phone if you want to use it.


Bulk Change Global Status: You can select multiple people from your database and change their global status all at once through our Bulk Change feature.



Sendable Forms. We added the ability to send a form directly to a candidate or client so they can fill out their own information. Their completed forms, including your own custom fields, will be saved directly to their profile.
In-app Voicemail: If you have a SIP set up with Loxo you can now check your voicemails in the app. Gear Icon > Voicemail.
Customizable Voicemail Greeting: If you have a SIP set up with Loxo you can now create a custom voicemail greeting through Loxo. Gear Icon > Voicemail.


Mobile Contact App for Android. We have always had an app for IOS, but now Android phone users can access our contact app at
Customizable Source Type. Now you can update your agency's source types yourself under Settings > Customize. These types will filter into the Source Report. Permissions: Previously if end users marked a Campagin, List or Email Template as "Private" they were the only one who could see the content. Now, you can enable Admins access to see everything across all users.
Import CSV to Job or List. Directly add people to jobs and lists from the CSV import feature.
Word Doc Resume Preview. New preview version works with docx, csv, xlsx, png, jpeg files. We don’t support older Microsoft files like doc, xls and highlighting is only built out for pdfs



Outreach Campaigns. We added several new features to your classic campaigns such as bulk actions, stage specific tracking, the ability to send test emails and texts, export capabilities, bulk actions, as well as several new stage types!

Customize Global Statuses. Previously if you wanted to update your people or company global status you had to do it through support. Now you can update your agency's global statuses yourself under Settings > Customize.  

Customize Job Owner and Job Contact Types.  Update your agency's job owner and job contact types yourself under Settings > Customize.  

Team Permissions. You can limit the access end users have to certain data and actions can help protect your data integrity, improve internal ownership policy structure and limit risk within your teams.  The permissions are options you can have enabled on your account for certain groups of users.


Add to List from Flyover.  Add someone to a List or to your Call Queue directly from the person flyover! Additionally, you can see all lists that a person is in from their flyover and add new ones or delete old ones. 

CSV Imports.  When you are importing a list of people from a CSV you have more destination options like tags, email types, and phone types. Additionally you can import a person's full name or first and last separately, depending on your original spreadsheet.



Loxo Source Zip Code Radius. When searching in Loxo Source, choose the zip code filter to search for people within a certain mile radius. Now you can pinpoint where you want candidates to come from within the US! 


Bulk SMS from the Job Workflow: You could always send a bulk SMS from the People page or through a campaign. Now you can send a bulk SMS from within the Job Workflow. 

Client Export Report: Redesigned this report so it's easier to customize and aligns with Loxo's UI; updated colors and format. 

Chrome Extension: Directly create a new task from the Loxo Chrome Extension without having to open Loxo in a different tab. Additionally, you no longer have to click on "Save to PDF" before clicking on the owl icon. Simply click on the owl icon and we will bring everything over, including the profile picture! 



New Job Email Merge Tags. When emailing from a job you could always use the job tags to add in relevant job information without having to copy and paste or retype. We tripled the number of tags tied to jobs by adding in new tags like job address, hiring manger, and job title. 

Add a Deal from the Company. Add a new deal from the company flyover to automatically tie it to a company. Once you add the deal it will show up on the company flyover as well as in the Deals tab. Additionally, any deals you create from the Deals tab will also show up here. 


Filter by Subcategory. From the people tab, click on the Job Stage column title to filter by your hiring pipeline categories as well as your subcategories. 

Scheduling an Event. From a person's flyover you can schedule an event. With the new enhancement you can now utilize email templates and email merge tags from this page.

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