Limiting the the access end users have to certain data and actions can help protect your data integrity, improve internal ownership policy structure and limit risk within your teams. Loxo has Admins and Users, learn more about the built-in permissions here. The permissions below are options you have have enabled on your account for certain groups of users. Please reach out to support to get permissions enabled. 

  1. Only users on the Team can access to the data they create in Loxo
    Only users with this permission can access the data they create within Loxo. This permission is great for contract hires joining your team for a certain period of time or multi-office agencies who want to keep data separate. Enabling this permission allows only the users on that team to see the data that's being created by other team members. For example, Joe is on Team A, Joe can only see the data he and the other people on the team have added into Loxo. Beth who is also on Team A can see what Joe added. All users on Team A don't have access to any of the data in Loxo. Anyone who isn't on the Team can see everything, including Team A's data, unless of course they are on a Team with their own restrictions.
    *this is currently limited to People and Jobs that are created, users would be able to see everything else ie Companies, Campaigns, etc.

  2. Only users on the Team can make changes to the Event Stream
    Only users with this permission can make changes to activity on the event stream once the event has been saved. Users won't be able to go back into the event record and change the date, details or anything else associated with the event. This permission is most frequently used when a company's policy for ownership is around the last contacted date.

  3. Only users on the Team can merge records
    Only users with this permission can merge records. By default any end user can merge records and unfortunately, this action cannot be undone. If someone is accidentally merged with the wrong contact it can jeopardize your data integrity. Limiting the ability to merge records to a small group of admins will reduce the risk of merging unrelated records.

  4. Only users on the Team can update the Owner field
    Only users with this permission can update the owner of a person record. By default any end user can update all fields on someone's profile and this limits them from changing ownership. This permission is important when it comes to policies and ownership rights of contacts.

  5. Only users on the Team can export data
    In addition to Admins, users with this permission can update can export data. Without this permission, only Admins can export data. This permission allows other team members to pull lists and reports but doesn't grant them full access as an Admin.

  6. Private Profiles: hide individual contact records
    Admins can hide internal hires or company contacts.

  7.  Admin access: End users can mark a Campaign, List, or Email Template as "Private" which makes the user the only one who could see the content. Now, you can enable Admins to see everything across all users. 

  8. Deals: Create a Deal Team so only users on this team can see your business development pipeline.

  9. Client View: Users with this permission can use the Client View in addition to admins.

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