Relationship management is a key to success with both your client contacts and candidates. Loxo's Outreach Campaign feature allows you to easily stay engaged with your database by allowing you to set up a series of communications all at once and then add people over time.

How to Create an Outreach Campaign 

  1. Click on the blue plus icon in the top right corner of your Outreach™ tab. 

  2. Choose whether you want the campaign to come From Template or to be made From Scratch

Note: When you choose Browse Templates you will be provided a series of templates that our team has pre-created for you. For best practices on using templates be sure to check out our help article: 

3. If you choose Create New you will need to add stages to your campaign. You can choose from a variety of stage types. Click on either of the blue + Stage buttons to create your first stage. 

4.   Select your first stage type, fill in the step details and then click on Save. There are five stage types to choose from:

  • Email 

  • SMS 

  • Call Queue 

  • LinkedIn™ Task

  • Loxo Task 

Be sure to check out our help article on the five types of campaign stages to learn how and when to use each of the different stages. 

5. After you complete and save your first stage, click on Add another stage. 

You can add as many stages to your campaign as you need! Make sure to set up delays between stages so that you don't accidentally email/text/call people multiple times in one day!

6. While a campaign is still in draft you can make any change to your stages. Click on the three dots next to the stage name. You can edit the stage text, details, and delay times. You can also Move Up a stage in the send order if you want some stages to go out before others. Finally, you can Duplicate a stage versus creating one from scratch. 

Note: Once you add people to your campaign, you have limited edit abilities. Once people are live in the campaign the only thing you can edit is the stage text. Therefore  make sure you are final with the stage order and delays before adding any people! If you already have people in the campaign and have to make a change you either have to finish all campaign recipients or delete them. 

Now that you have finished setting up your stages you can add people to your campaign! 

How to add People to a Campaign 

From the Campaign: 

  1. Click on the People tab within the campaign.  

  2. Click on the +Person icon in the right corner. 

3. Search for the people you want to add.
4. Click on the blue plus icon next to the names of the people you want to add.
5. Click Done

From the People tab:

  1. Go to the People tab and search for the contacts you want to send a campaign to.

  2. Check the boxes next to their name, select the three dots icon, and then Add to Campaign. 

  3. Voila! Your contacts are now apart of the your campaign. 

From a Job: 

  1. Select the checkbox for the person or people you want to add to the campaign. 

  2. Click on the three dots icon then Add to Campaign.

How to Manage People in your Campaign 

Once someone is in your campaign you can manage them by taking individual steps like: 

  • Remove them from the campaign entirely. 

  • Pause them temporarily so you can unpause them later.

  • Retry failed stage if the email or text failed. If this happened make sure to update the person's email or phone address and then retry! 

  • Skip current stage and have them move to the next one.

  • Mark as finished so they stay in the campaign for reporting purposes, but to keep them from receiving any future stages. 

  • Add to another campaign that you have open. 

You can also take actions on all or many people in a campaign at once by using the Select All button or simply using the checkboxes for the people you want to select. 

When you use the three dot icon at the top you can perform bulk actions like pausing, skipping stages, or adding to another campaign. You also have additional features such as exporting to a CSV, adding to a list, or adding to your call queue. 

Updating your Campaign Settings 

  1. Click on the Settings tab within your campaign 

2. Give your campaign a Name.

3. Use the Shared with team checkbox if you want to make the campaign visible for everyone in your agency.

4. Check the Campaign operating hours only checkbox if you want to restrict the campaign to certain hours. Admins can adjust their campaign operating hours and time zone under Settings > Customize. It is a best practice to use campaign operating hours to prevent your recipients from receiving emails or texts at unreasonable hours.

5. Select and rearrange your Email Priority and SMS Priority. If there are certain email or phone types that you never want to send to make sure to uncheck them. Or if you want to start with a certain type before moving onto the next email or phone type, use the three line icons to drag and reorder your priority lists. The email or text will only send once, but if the first type is not available on a person's record, it will move on to the next.

6. Click Save.

Note: Once you add people to your campaign, you can no longer edit your campaign operating hours or your email and SMS priority. 

Checking your Campaign's Stats  

You can track statistics by each stage, as well as by the campaign as a whole.

Open tracks anytime a person opens your email. Click and Downloaded only count if you had a link to click on or an attachment to download. Reply tracks whenever someone replies to your campaign message. 

These percentages are tracked on both an individual stage basis and a total campaign basis. The individual stages are tracked by the total number of people in the campaign. This means that your first stage will have a higher open rate than your last stage if your last stage hasn't finished sending yet. The rates at the top of the campaign represent the percentage of recipients that have click/opened/downloaded ANY stage of this campaign. 

Note: Call Queue, LinkedIn Tasks, and Loxo Tasks stages do not have any analytics to track. SMS only tracks Sent analytics. 

Check out our Loxo Campaigns 101 training video.

For more information on Loxo campaigns be sure to check out our other help articles: 

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