The Outreach tab in Loxo is one of the most useful and powerful tools in the system. There are lots of details and capabilities within campaigns so make sure you know how to best navigate and send campaigns. 

Be sure to also check out our Outreach Campaigns 101 help article to learn how to create a campaign in Loxo!

Can I duplicate a Campaign? 

Yes! Duplicating is a great way to save yourself time and reuse or edit campaigns that were successful for you in the past. You can duplicate an entire campaign by clicking on the three dot icon next to the campaign title. 

Additionally, if you are working within a campaign, you can duplicate an individual stage. 

What are campaign templates? 

The Loxo team compiled several templates for both candidate outreach as well as business development. These templates are based on industry best practices and are meant to be a starting point for you. Make sure to edit the templates based on your business needs and be sure to review our best practices: 

Can I make edits to a campaign? 

You can make any edits you need to a campaign including text fields, email and SMS priorities, as well as time delays up until the point when you first add someone to the campaign. Once there is someone active in a campaign you can no longer make any edits besides text. 

If you need to make edits to a campaign after you have added people you can either 1) duplicate the campaign and make the edits you need or 2) finish everyone in the campaign so there are no active recipients.

What do the different people statuses mean? 

  • Running: The person is currently in the campaign and on track to receive the next stage. 

  • Complete: The person has completed all stages in the campaign. 

  • Paused: The person was running in the campaign until they were manually paused. They will not receive any future stages until they are unpaused. 

  • Failed: The stage failed. This usually happens because of a bad email or phone number. Make sure to scroll over the failed icon to see why the person failed. 

How do I resend to someone who failed a campaign? 

When you see the red failed status it usually means you need to update their contact information or because your email has become unsynced. 

  • If it failed because of an incorrect or outdated phone or email you will want to open the person's profile and update their phone or email address either manually or by using a Loxo Connect Credit

  • If it failed because you email is unsynced be sure to resync your email address.  

After you have updated their contact information or resynced your email, click on the three dots and Retry failed stage

What is the difference between Remove, Pause, and Mark finished? 

  • Remove: Use remove if you want to completely delete the person from the campaign. It will prevent them from receiving future stages, but it will also delete their history from this campaign.  

  • Pause: Pause a person temporarily from receiving future stages in the campaign. You can always go back and Unpause them later! 

  • Mark finished: Finish someone in a campaign if you don't want to delete them, but don't want them to receive future stages. Unlike pausing a person it can't be undone. However, it also keeps their data in that campaign for tracking purposes unlike Remove. 

How are Open, Click, Reply, and Downloaded tracked? 

Open tracks anytime a person opens your email. Click and Downloaded only count if you had a link to click on or an attachment to download. Reply tracks whenever someone replies to your campaign message. 

These percentages are tracked on both an individual stage basis and a total campaign basis. The individual stages are tracked by the total number of people in the campaign. This means that the first stage will have a higher open rate than the last stage if the last stage hasn't finished sending. The rates at the top of the campaign represent the percentage of recipients that have click/opened/downloaded ANY stage of this campaign.

Note: Call Queue, LinkedIn Tasks, and Loxo Tasks stages do not have any analytics to track. SMS only tracks Sent analytics. 

Can a person be in more than one campaign at a time? 

Yes! A person can be in more than one campaign at a time. You can always track which campaigns a person is in from their person record. 

What does it meant to make a stage optional? 

Use the Make this step optional? feature when you want to ensure that your recipients will get future stages in the campaign even if you don't perform the manual task required. If you do not turn this feature on a campaign recipient will not receive future campaign stages until you complete the manual task. 

This option is only available on Call Queue, LinkedIn Tasks, and Loxo Task stages.  To learn more about the different stage types be sure to check out our help article:

Can I perform bulk actions for the people in my campaign? 

Yes! You can individually select the people you want to take action on, or click the checkbox next to one person's name and then choose Select All. 

Once you have selected the people you want to take action on, click on the three dots at the top of the page to perform bulk actions such as adding to a list or exporting to a CSV. 

How do I sort my Outreach tab? 

There are a multitude of ways to sort your campaigns. You can use the Filters on the left-hand side to drill down to certain campaigns. 

You also have the Sort by on the right-hand side to sort by creation date, alphabetical, number of recipients, and more! 

When you are on the People tab of an individual campaign you also have similar filters and sort options. 

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