When you first create an Loxo Outreach™ in Loxo you have the option to create one from scratch or to use one of our pre-made templates. 

Campaign templates are a great way to start your campaign, but be sure to read through our best practices before adding any people! 

  • Rename the Campaign. When you first create a campaign from a template it will keep the template name. Navigate to the Settings tab in your campaign and be sure to rename your campaign so you can easily find it later! 

  • Customize Text. The campaign templates are meant to be a starting point for your campaign. We have several campaigns to help you get started with candidate and client outreach, but the most successful campaigns are the ones that our customers customize to their own business. Add in details about how you can personally help clients meet their hiring goals or about how the job is a perfect match for a candidate. 

  • Replace Capitalized Text. There are several places in all of the Loxo templates that require you to update certain text. Make sure to replace any text that is in all caps with brackets. For example in the Biz Dev templates there are several references to FIRM NAME. Make sure to replace the capitalized text with your own agency's information. 

  • Consider Stages. Think about what stages will be the most meaningful for you. Some recruiters  prefer to be on the phone all day with candidates. Versus other recruiters prefer to do everything over email or text. If you live in LinkedIn, then make more LinkedIn tasks. Remove stage types you know you won't use and add more of the stages types that you prefer. 

  • Think about timing. What is your runway for this campaign? Do you need to want to bombard candidates with several emails and texts in a short time frame, or do you want to make sure you are checking in every couple of weeks on prospective clients? The template timings are just a recommendation, be sure you know what timing works for you and consider utilizing your Campaign Operating Hours. 

  • Review, review, review. Once you add people to your campaign, your ability to add and edit stage types is gone. Make sure you have double checked all the stages before adding any people. Once you add people to a campaign you either have to delete the recipients or mark them as finished if you want to make any edits other than text changes.

Check out our training video here:

Finally, be sure to check out other campaign help articles for more information on how to get started with campaigns. 

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