Voicemail drop allows you to ring a person's phone without ever calling the person as part of an outreach campaign. You can record a voicemail or choose from one of your prerecorded templates. Voicemail drop is available for paid customers with Loxo Power Calling enabled.

Note: Voicemail drop is still a Beta program. You will never have a 100% success rate when dropping a voicemail on a person's phone. 

Record a Template 

  1. Click on the Gear Icon > Settings > Voice Templates.
  2. Click the blue plus button.
  3. Record your voicemail. 
  4. Click Finish
  5. Click Play to listen to your recording. 
  6. Delete and rerecord if you need or click Save
  7. Done!

Note: Each user can only use their own voice templates. They are NOT agency wide. 

A successful voicemail drop will create a person event at the time that the drop happened

Do Not Call Lists 

Loxo will automatically prevent you from sending prerecorded voicemails to phone numbers on the National and State Do-Not-Call Lists. 

If you would like to disable this feature click on Configure on the campaign stage, agree to the terms, enter you initials on all agreements, switch the button to OFF and click Save. This form only has to be completed once per agency. Once you turn off DNC lists you will be allowed to use voicemail drop even if the number is on a DNC list. 

Failed Voicemail Stage 

If a voicemail stage fails and you scroll over it you will see one of 2 failed reasons: 

"Failed to schedule voicemail drop" means that the phone number was invalid or in a DNC list. These prospects will not receive the next stage

"Failed to drop voicemail" means that there was an issue actually dropping the voicemail. For example, some carriers and/or phones disallow vm drop. These prospects will receive the next stage

Callback Number

When a campaign recipient sees the number of the voicemail, they will see your assigned Loxo number. When they call back it will be routed to the campaign owner's saved number. 

Note: You will not be able to use voicemail drop if you do not currently have Loxo Power Calling and do not have an assigned number. 

To learn more about voicemail drop as a campaign stage be sure to check out our campaign stages help article:


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