You can always track all of your emails sent from Loxo in your Email Report under your Initials/Picture in the bottom left > Emails.

The report will show you all emails sent, when they were sent, who they were sent from, and their status. If an email failed, click on the red box to see why an email failed. You can click on the yellow refresh icon to try and send a failed email again.

Open, Click, Download Rates

In the Opened, Clicked, and Downloaded columns you can see stats on which of your emails were opened, if any links you included were clicked on, and if any attachments you included were downloaded. 

Checkmark means we have received feedback on that data and they opened/clicked/downloaded. The X means we received feedback and they didnt open/click/download. The ? means we were not tracking those stats.

Whenever you send an email make sure to check these boxes so we can collect feedback on your emails! If you don't check these boxes, they will show up as ? on your report. 

Auto Tracking

Never worry about whether your clicked the tracking fields for Open, Clicks, and Downloads on an email again! Turn on Auto Tracking for your emails under Settings > Customize! Once Auto Tracking is turned on all emails will automatically track open, clicks, and downloads.

Note: Tracking emails by default may increase your spam rating and result in a higher rate of messages filtered to spam or failing to deliver.

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