Generate your own white-labeled candidate resumes to share only the information you want with clients. Include your agency's logo and name to clearly stamp the resume.

If you need to update/add your logo, an admin can do so in settings (Gear Icon > Settings > Customize: Logo).

  1. On a person's profile click on the document icon for Loxo Resume.

2. In the modal that opens, use the checkboxes to select exactly the information you want to share with on your Loxo Resume. You can choose to hide information like the candidate's name or contact information.

3. Click Open Resume.

4. Congratulations! You have your very own custom resume that you can share with clients! With this resume you can share a candidate's work and education history without having to share other information like contact details. You can even add your agency's logo and name to stamp the resume.

5. Right click on the resume and click Print from the dropdown.

6. Click Save as PDF to download a document that you can save to your computer and send externally.

Check out Dan's quick training video here.

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