The deal card is where you should track all of your notes from emails, meetings, calls. You can also schedule a task directly with your contacts or directly reach them via SMS, Call, or Email.

There are a lot of pieces to your Deal Card so make sure you know what all is there:

  • SMS, Calling, and Emailing. Just like on your people or company flyovers, you can contact your Deal Point of Contact directly from the Deal Card. Please keep in mind that the phone and email information is pulled from the deal's Point of Contact.

  • Log. Use the Log drop down to add notes from an Email, Meeting, or Call. You can always go back and click on the event to edit your notes. All logged notes will show up on the Deal's page.

  • Pipeline summary. The green arrows represent your deal pipeline. You can move a deal in the pipeline by clicking on the green arrow or by dragging and dropping in your column view.

  • Deal Status. Similar to your Global Status, your deal status are quick figures on your deal's won, lost, or in progress status. Your deal status is not tied to your deal pipeline so if you move a deal to Signed in your pipeline, you also want to check the Won on your status to update your reporting!

  • Tasks. Click on the Task button to create a task tied to that deal. Add a date and time if you want to block off time on your calendar. Click on Add a Link to tie the Task to a person, job, company, or another deal. To learn more about Tasks be sure to check out our Tasks Help Article.

  • Fields. By default your deals will have fields to tie it to a Job as well as an Expected Close Date. You can also always add your own custom fields by switching to the list view.

  • Documents. Attach as many documents as you need to your deal! Add things like contracts, agreements, or notes.

  • Point of Contact. Each deal can have one Point of Contact. The information from your deal's point of Contact will populate the phone and email information at the top.

  • Other Contacts. You can add as many additional contacts as you want. Please note that if you email, call, or sms from the deal it will contact your Point of Contact, not your additional contacts.

There is a lot to learn about deals so be sure to check out our help articles!

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