1. Click on your initials icon in the bottom left hand corner of Loxo & click Settings:

  2. Click on Signature on the left:

  3. Type or paste* the email signature that you want to include in all of your outgoing emails sent from Loxo into the text editor. With the newest editor not all formatting or images will follow over. We recommend pasting text in first and then adding images in one by one!

  4. Click Save

Adding an image:

Hyperlinking an image:

Add image as listed above then use the URL text box to paste in a direct link to attach to the image


If you feel your signature isn't customizable enough within our editor, feel free to use an HTML converter outside of Loxo with your ideal signature and then bring the code into Loxo like so:

*A few things to note about your email signature:
• Your signature will be auto-inserted into all of the emails that you write from Loxo as you prepare to send them. This means you do not need to include your email signature in the email templates you create.
• When you go to create and send an email, you will see your signature inserted into your draft or email template at that time. You can always make edits to that signature when you prepare to send it if you want to.
• If you have multiple email signatures, you can save them as email templates to insert into your emails. Read more about email templates here.

To delete your signature entirely, delete the text from your signature editor and click the Save button.

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