1. Click on your initials icon in the bottom left hand corner

  2. Select Settings

  3. Click on Synced Emails on the left

  4. Click on the + blue button

5. Choose your email provider

6. Enter your email address and password 

Note: If you get a verification pop-up you need to click Advanced then Go to Loxo.co. This gives our app permission to sync your emails in Loxo. This is normal for Gmail syncs, don't be alarmed!

7. If you are using Exchange or another email service provider (ESP), you may be asked to enter your IMAP host, SMTP host and respective port numbers. These can be found in your personal email settings. 

Make sure to check your email address and password for spelling errors.

8. Once your email is synced, it will show up in your Loxo screen.

9. To confirm your email is synced, hover over your email address to confirm.

10. If you have had to sync your email multiple times or if you want to remove a previously synced email, simply press the X to delete any additional emails.

11. The final step is to Sync your calendar, if applicable. 

12. Below the Synced Emails page on the left is the Synced Calendars page:

13. Click on the + blue button to add your calendar. Then click the checkbox next to which calendar you want to use if there are multiple calendars associated to your email.

Email can be a tricky technology and if you have a unique email service provider (ESP), this process may require some patience. If you can't figure it out, you might need to ask your administrator for help as Loxo does not have access to your email settings. 

The good news? You only have to do this once and you're done!

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