The job board industry has made some major changes recently. Please check with Loxo support and support at each job board site to make sure you're able to post directly to their sites. 


In your Settings (Initials/picture in bottom left), select Customize on the left. From there you can check which job boards you would like to post to under Job Distribution.

You can currently choose to post to ZipRecruiter,  Indeed, Glass Door, CareerBuilder and/or Simply Hired. 

Please note, posting to CareerBuilder is only possible if you currently have or if you purchase job posting credits directly from CareerBuilder.

If there are other job boards you want to post to, we are happy to consider new integrations upon request. 

Posting Jobs

After you set up the job boards you want to work with, all you have to do is publish each job you create when you create it. 

To do this, toggle "Publish to Job Boards" to on and enter the date you would like it to be published. You can also choose and enter a publish end date that will remove the job from postings on the specified date:

You will see your external job posting on your Loxo Job Listing page immediately. Depending on the job board you can expect to see your postings anywhere from a couple of hours to 24 hours.  

Loxo creates an XML feed that pushes all your jobs in Loxo to the designated job boards, in order to get this published you must reach out to a representative at the job board, like Glassdoor, and give them your agencies XML feed. To receive this from Loxo write into support requesting your XML feed!

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