If you have a candidate's resume in your email inbox, adding that person to Loxo is easy! Simply forward the resume attachment to your unique agency email address to add them to your database and parse their data into your People Grid. You can find your resume forwarding address under Settings > Agency Information.

Add #tags in the subject line to automatically create the tags on the person record. You must include # in the subject line next to the tag name, for example #marketing #sales #recruitment.

You can also add a candidate directly to a job pipeline through the subject line. Simply add the job ID (found in the job's URL) to the email's subject line and the candidate will be added to the job.

What is my forwarding email address? You can always find your agency's resume forwarding address under Settings > Agency Information

Pro Tip: If you have an account with a job board and are set to receive notifications when candidates apply, set your Loxo resume forwarding email address to be the recipient of those notifications. That way when a candidate applies via the job board, they will also be immediately created in Loxo!

Duplicates: Sending a resume to Loxo using this method will create a new record every time. If that person has already been added to your team's database, it will create a duplicate record. Consider turning on Auto-Merge under Settings>Customize to prevent duplicates. Auto-Merge works by merging any new profiles that have a similar name and duplicate email address.

The resume file types that we do support preview of are docx, csv, xlsx, png, jpeg files.

If you have any questions about your agency's unique email address, please reach out to support@loxo.co.

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