Loxo Power Calling is a suite of calling features designed to maximize productivity. 

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Step-By-Step Instructions

Making Calls 

On a person's flyover, click on the green Call button to start calling them directly from the system. A white call bar will show up at the bottom.

If you click on the paper icon in the bottom right it will open up a notes field for you to start taking notes during your call! You can close a person's profile and you will still be able to see your call bar and notes while moving throughout the rest of Loxo pages.

To record a call, click on the three dots, then Start Recording

At the end of the call click on the red hangup button and any recording that you saved will show up on the event stream as well as your recording and notes. 

Incoming Calls 

When a candidate or client calls back, they will be routed to the last person who called them. If no one has called them from the system, they will be routed to the person owner. For incoming calls you have 2 options: 

  1. Reroute calls directly to your own phone. This can be your cellphone, desk phone, etc. Whatever number is saved under Settings > Users next to your name is the number that incoming calls will be routed to. Admins can change this number for you. 

  2. Receive calls directly to your Loxo browser. You can turn this setting on and off under Settings > Phones. Incoming calls will ring and show up in your Loxo tab for you to pick up. If you have this setting turned off, incoming calls will be forwarded to the number you have saved under Settings > Users. 

Note: You can turn this setting on and off. If you are working at the office and know you will be on your computer all day, then leave it on. If you want to leave for the day but want to make sure you still get calls, turn it off and your calls can be routed to your cellphone! 

If you want to receive incoming calls in your browser, make sure to set up your voicemail greeting by clicking on Record and Save


If you have your settings so that incoming calls go to Loxo, then your voicemails will be saved in Loxo, not to your personal phone. 

An incoming call will go to voicemail in the following scenarios:

  1. User is offline (no active Loxo tabs)

  2. User is already on a call

  3. User doesn’t answer after 20 seconds of ringing

  4. User rejects the call

You can check your missed voicemails under Gear Icon > Voicemail. You will also receive an email notification that you have a new voicemail! 


How do I find my Loxo Phone Number?

You can always find your Loxo phone number under Settings > Agency Information. This number was purchased for you during account set up. You can also choose to port your old number to Loxo.

"Are all calls made through Loxo logged?"

Yes, and they are saved in the event stream of the person record for easy reference. If you have incoming calls sent to Loxo, then incoming calls will also be logged in the event stream of the person record. If you have incoming calls sent to your own phone then those events will not be recorded on the event stream. 

"How do I plan my calls with Loxo?"

Part of our Power Calling feature suite is the Call Queue. Using this, you can simply add contacts and candidates to your rolling Call Queue, making it fast and easy to manage and complete your calls every day.

"Am I able to record my calls?

Yes. You can choose to record important phone calls. This is great for training new staff or remembering details from important calls--say that tough salary negotiation.

"Can I view my call activity or do you have a reporting dashboard?"

Yes. See your Call Analytics dashboard under your Reporting tab in Loxo. Now you can more effectively manage training of new teammates, implement performance goals and measurement, and set your team up for success. 

"Can I integrate with my own phone number" 

If you are looking to integrate Loxo's phone system with your own be sure to check our help article on SIP Integrations. 

"Does Click-to-Dial work with every computer?"

As long as you have an operational microphone and speakers, you can use Click-to-Dial. Make sure you are using Chrome. 

"Does Click-to-Dial work with my headset?"

Yes. As long as it is connected to your computer.

"Does Click-to-Dial work with any web browser?"

Yes, but Loxo and all Power Calling features are optimized to work best on the Google Chrome browser. Make sure your browser allows loxo.co to access your microphone and speakers.

"How do I authorize my microphone and speakers in Chrome?"

When you first use Click-to-Dial, Chrome will ask you if you want to allow Loxo to access your microphone. Click "Yes" when this happens. If you accidentally click "No," you will then need to go back into your Chrome settings to allow access.

"What shows up on my recipient's Caller ID?"

A local number is assigned to your agency so you when you call, your recipient will see that number. 

"Can my candidate call that number back?"

Yes. When your candidate returns your call at that number, they will reach you either through Loxo (if you have it turned on under Settings > Phone, or at the number saved to your profile. 

"Can we assign individual numbers for everyone in my office?"

If a candidate or contact in Loxo is 'assigned to' or 'owned by' a particular recruiter or account executive in your office, we can make sure that the person is redirected to the correct recruiter or account executive every time they call.

"Does Loxo Click-to-Dial integrate with other systems?"

Click-to-Dial is a proprietary VOIP system built within Loxo. Ask our team about how to integrate it with your phone system.

"How do I text?"

To text, you click the SMS tab, type your text and hit send. When the candidate texts you back, you will receive an email with the response of the text. 

Both sent and received texts will show in the even stream. 

"Can I write this expense off on my taxes?"

Most business expenses, including phone expenses, can be written off on your taxes. Talk with your accountant for all advice about tax writeoffs for your business expenses.

"How do I start using Click-to-Dial?"

Email support@loxo.co to upgrade your account.

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