Since your process is as unique as you are, you are welcome to create your own customized workflow. Account Admins can customize their team's pipeline under Settings > Customize Workflows.

Add a New Stage

  1. At the top of the page click on + Add New Stage

2. The new stage will show up at the bottom of the page so you may have to scroll down. Make sure your new stage a name!

3. Click on the three dots to Move a Stage, Add Child Stage or Delete Stage.

Move Stages

You can always reorder your stages! Choose where you want the selected stage to move before or after. Use Underneath to make your stage a subcategory or sub-subcategory. You can have subcategories, and sub-subcategories.

Delete a Stage

If you delete a stage in your pipeline you will be asked to reassign all activities tied to that stage to a new stage. Please review this carefully because once remapped it cannot be reversed.


Make all the changes you need to your pipeline. Then click Save at the top!

Approval of Changes

Any changes are made to your pipeline are permanent. This is especially important for deleting stages. Therefore all changes can only be made by account Admins and have to be confirmed.

Make sure to sign the form to confirm that you are aware of the changes you are making. This signature is required before saving any changes. Make sure your capitalization and punctuation is correct. You will not be able to save any changes until you have written this phrase.

Once you have saved your changes you will see your new pipeline at the top!

Active vs. Include in Job Pipeline

Next to all your main categories you will see two checkboxes: Active and Include in Job Pipeline:

  • Active. This is if you want this category or subcategory to show up in your Note dropdown on a person's profile. Ex: Maybe you do not want Form Filled to show up on your note drop down, but you still want to be able to filter on a person's profile to see when all forms were completed.

  • Include In Job Pipeline. This option is only available for Main Categories since subcategories are not visible on your job pipeline. If you want to be able to filter your notes but do not want it to show up job pipeline column, uncheck this box. Ex: General Note is a hidden category because you can still filter notes by this, but it does not show up in your job columns.

Why are some things grayed out?

You will see that some categories cannot be deactivated. There are some built in stages such as Sourced, Contact, and Rejected which cannot be removed. You will not be able to deactivate or delete these stages. You can rename them, but not remove.

Of course we see a lot of customizations so we came up with a few suggestions and best practices as you customize your workflow:

  1. Get your hiring pipeline customized as soon as possible. This will help you fine-tune your process right away and make fewer updates down the road.

  2. Keep it simple. The more activities you track, the more time you will spend on admin instead of actually moving candidates through your process. Every time we see a detailed customization, our customers always come back to us trying to simplify their pipeline down the road.

  3. Think about what you want to see in your reports as you review your productivity. If there are key metrics that are important to you as you review your candidate activity every month, those are probably activities you want to track in your hiring pipeline.

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