You can filter by one or many categories at once and very quickly pull up a list of results that match all of the tags that you selected.

Follow the steps below to set up your custom dropdown field

1. Select Customize on your People or Company grid

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to add a new column
3. Name the column
4. Select the type of column you would like to use

5. Select if you want this hierarchy field to filter by AND or OR. Filtering by AND will return only people or companies who meet all of your selected criteria. Filtering by OR will return people or companies who meet at least one of your select criteria. You can always come back and change this later depending on the search you want to run!

On your People page, you will have your newly created field. You can configure and add dropdown options by clicking on the wrench icon:

5. Add custom fields

You can create as many Categories as you would like and you can use them on both the People Page as well as the Company Page. 

Check out best practices on how to use Customizations here!

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