Once you have identified a great candidate, you'll want to source them into the job you are working on so that you can move them through your hiring funnel.

Whether your candidate is already in Loxo or not, this is easy.


If you have already sourced your candidate into Loxo and just need to add them to a job, that is easy as well.

  1. Select your candidate from the People Grid then click "Add to Jobs" from the 3 dots. 

2. Select the job or jobs you would like to add the candidate to, then head over to your jobs folder to find them in the "sourced" stage of that job. 


Did a stellar candidate just email their resume to you? Adding them to Loxo and a job all in one step is simple.

1. Forward the email with the resume attachment to your unique Loxo email address. See this help article on identifying your email address.

2. In the subject of the email you forward, include the job ID of the job folder you would like to add your candidate to. 

3. To determine the job ID of the job you are working on, click into the job from Loxo and look at the URL. Here is an example URL format you might come across:


The job ID in the above example is 372 and the number 372 should be added to the subject line of the email including the resume attachment.

Once you have forwarded the resume with the job ID in the subject line, you can go to your job folder and find your sourced candidate.

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