Note: If a person is a contact, their events will show up under the company's event stream as well. If the person is a candidate, their events will not.

To add a person from your Loxo database to a company in your Loxo database, follow the following steps.

1. Open the company record and click the +Add button under the People Tab:

2. Search for the person you would like to add by entering their name. 

3. When their name auto-populates (see the highlighted name, Phyllis Vance, above), click on their name.

4. When you click on their name, the person will be added to the company, but you are not done yet! Now enter their Title:

4. At minimum, type in the person's title. You can also enter dates of employment, compensation, and notes about the person's role or how they landed the role:

5. Now you have added the person to the company, and updated the person's record simultaneously.

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