How does your matching and ranking work?

We use a combination of the state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP), deep learning, proprietary data and custom algorithms. We don't buy the matching technology from anyone. It is all proprietary. The more you use Loxo AI™ the better your results will become as the algorithm evolves based on the data and activities in your database.

How does your AI sourcing compare to other sourcing tools on the market?

Many sourcing tools on the market claim they have artificial intelligence, however the results either are extremely inconsistent or they admit that they use search string queries behind the scenes, which is just showing data that has been pre-filtered by key-words and location. Since it is not real machine learning, there is also no way that the system can learn and improve over time to deliver more accurate results, where Loxo's algorithm is constantly learning and evolving towards your personal preferences and growing smarter for your own company and recruiters. As a Loxo customer you can be confident you have the most intelligent and advanced technology in the world to keep you way ahead of your competitors.

How do you get your data in Loxo Source?

This is our proprietary database of over 600 million people.

We have an entire team focused on acquiring, cleaning, structuring, and enriching data sets from three primary sources:

  1. The open web (social networks, professional sites and rich profile Data). It is all publicly available.

  2. API enrichment partners

  3. Premium Commercial Data partnerships

Does Loxo AI™ work internationally?

At this time Loxo AI™ only works within the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. However our team is working to expand this quickly. Let us know at Support what countries are the most important to you to help our team prioritize international searches.

I already submitted my job, how do I make changes?

Remember, since Loxo returns the results immediately you need to submit the job correctly the first time, any details you add after the job is first created will not be used to return results. If you have changes to important details like the Job Description or Location create a new AI job in Loxo and then move your approved candidates from one job to the other!

Is Loxo compliant with GDPR and CCPA and other privacy laws and regulations?

Yes, in fact we just released the most comprehensive GDPR solution available in recruitment today. We are also committed to you and the protection of your data and privacy of citizens across the globe. Here is a direct link to our GDPR and CCPA policies.

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